Petrified Wood Meditation


Petrified Wood Meditation: Petrified Wood is a stone of transformation, helping make one feel safe and secure while calming those survival-based fears. It brings patience to those in the process of slow inner transformation and brings that change to fruition.

Petrified Wood Meditation

This petrified wood meditation is designed to support you when you are stuck in those survival-based fears, worries, and anxieties. Holding onto this wood during the meditation process can give you a sense of clarity, as well as feelings of safeness and security. Once your nerves are calm, you can shift your perspective from a place of fear into a place of hope, wisdom, strength, and support. Knowing you are not alone.

Petrified Wood Meditation

The Petrified Wood Meditation is 10 minutes. It can be very supportive when you need to step away and get grounded. You can use it at work on a 15-minute break, listen to it before stepping out of your car and into a meeting/legal battle, or anytime you need additional support. For the best results, I would practice this process for 30 days every day because it takes so long to become part of your subconscious mind’s automatic “grounding and calming” support tool.


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