Put together the puzzle pieces when it comes to childhood trauma and narcissism

Educate Yourself

Many people are still in the dark about narcissistic traits and behaviors. When you are in the dark or still puzzled by their behaviors, you can easily be manipulated or victimized. In our world today, we seem to find ourselves overwhelmed with spam phone calls and emails. Therefore, it is best to be informed to avoid being victimized.

Decode and Detect

Learn to decode and detect who is the real victim by reviewing emails, letters, legal documents, and text messages.

See Things Clearly

After reading The Undetected Narcissist you will be able to view your situation or another’s from a different lens. You will no longer be in the dark and you will be in a place of understanding, wisdom, and clarity. From there, you can learn to avoid the drama or even stop it by making heathier choices.

Angela Myer

Inspiring Novelist

Angela Myer, CCHT and wellness coach specializes in empowering people all over the globe. For over 20 years, she has worked with people of all ages, backgrounds, religions, and professions. Angela has successfully healed and faced the challenges addressed in The Undetected Narcissist. She loves animals, cooking, gardening, and music. Angela is passionate about connecting the dots to childhood trauma and narcissism. Angela wants to reduce domestic violence and psychological abuse by educating and teaching people about narcissism without the stigma of guilt or shame. Angela wants to help everyone better understand themselves and how people’s behaviors and actions impact one another coming from a place of love, compassion, hope, and understanding.

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