This section is for people seeking domestic violence resources within their community or around the world. If you want to exchange links with Angela Myer, please send her an email or click on the “contact me” button.

Domestic Violence Resources

Helping Survivors Resources

Helping Survivors advocacy center. Their mission is to assist anyone who has been victimized by sexual assault or abuse. The website is a compilation of information around different instances of sexual violence. They offer resources to assist survivors and their families, and they will continuously be adding more information. What’s important to them is providing resources and help for those that need support.

Domestic Violence Resources

Are you questioning if you are in a healthy relationship or an unhealthy relationship? At times it is best to seek advice for peace of mind and to stay safe. When seeking help or even advice online, abuser can monitor your search information. I recommend using a safe phone or computer. Even if you clear your search engine history, it might seem suspicious to the abuser.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: The Hotline offers free, confidential, 24/7 support. This hotline is for anyone in need of resources. This includes child abuse, report targets of abuse, report abusers, and concerned for a loved one(s), community members, senior advocacy, or employers. Help is available 24/7.


1.800.799.SAFE (7233)

TTY 1.800.787.3224

Text: START to 88788

Domestic Shelters: The website provides information and location of domestic violence programs and abuse shelters across the United States.

Bradley Angle: A world where everyone is equal and free of all forms of abuse.
5432 N. Albina Avenue | Portland, OR 97217
503.595.9591 x 307 | Fax: 503-232-6617

More domestic violence resources, such as free legal information, suicided preventions, additional shelter options, intervention programs, and reporting child abuse. please click on the following link.

Domestic Violence Resources

To cope with the pain of domestic and sexual abuse, some victims turn to the use of drugs and alcohol. Our mission is to be a support resource for those coping with these issues.

Domestic Violence Safety Plan Checklist PDF

Washington State University Domestic Violence Checklist

Domestic Violence Safety Assessment Tool PDF

Law Enforcement Domestic Violence Investigative Checklist PDF

Domestic Violence Safety Plan Workbook PDF

Escape Plan: Tips for Victims Leaving Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence Safety Plan: How to Create, Implement One

1800Respect Safety Plan Checklist

Maritza Perez – Advocacy Associate
Our organization offers free educational resources and access to an extensive legal network that’s vetted, experienced and ready to help. Our mission is to empower people with the information they need to recover from their injuries — and to hold the companies that injured them accountable. We help those that have been affected by nursing home abuse, newborn disabilities, veterans exposed to toxins during their service and more.
1330 Boylston Street, Suite 400
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
(855) 722-2974

A guide to living with an alcoholic spouse
A guide created by therapists and counselors to create help those affected by addiction get the information and support they need. Addiction Group.

Healing and Recovery Resources

Kira Villalobos
Advocacy Support Team
1330 Boylston Street, Suite 400
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
(877) 466-9268
Promoting financial stability for all women, but especially among those who have fallen victim to domestic violence. Comprehensive guide on financial literacy for women. Covers topics such as setting a budget, how to use credit responsibly, planning for retirement, and much more.