FREE Anger Release mp3


FREE Anger Release mp3

free anger release mp3

Free Anger Release mp3 download product description: When we are stuck in anger, we can find ourselves lacking the ability to think clearly and rationally. We can say things we will later regret. We can hurt someone’s feelings and even ruin friendships. I created this recording to support people in releasing anger in a healthy manner, learn to slow down your breathing when anger feels overwhelming, and to become calmer/balanced. The free anger release mp3 download is 7:30 minutes

It recommended to listen to this free anger release mp3 for 30 days, everyday to create a new habit or behavior. When you listen to this recording you are rewiring your brain. You are deactivating the negative habits and patterns. In exchange, you are growing and creating new positive neuro pathways within the brain that will support you in calming tools and strategies. Reputation is the key to change. When you first learned to ride a bike or type on a keyboard, you had to practice, practice, practice. Soon it became automatic. If you listen to this free anger release mp3 only  a few times, you are just giving yourself a temporary band-aide and band-aides come off eventually. Therefore, please do not give up on yourself.

There is no music in the free anger release mp3. You only hear the sounds of the gentle ocean waves and some sea birds.

This free anger release mp3 was professionally created by Angela Myer, Author of The Undetected Narcissist.