May 11, 2023

I had never considered myself a philosophical person until I was trying to communicate with one of my most challenging clients from the past, that recently contacted me for help again. My recent experience with this person was so fabulous because I learned a lot. So, I want to share what I discovered when a…

April 30, 2023

Many people wonder why self-care is selfish. When I think about self-care, I like to think outside the box. Therefore, when someone tells you that self-care is selfish, that person either has a hidden agenda, wants you to get burnt out, or really doesn’t care about you. I am not trying to be mean, but…

April 27, 2023

Part of being human means there will be times when we will stop and re-evaluate our life and choices. It’s like standing at a fork in the road. If you are a person that seeks to connect with others and the world, you might feel overwhelmed at times. Asking yourself during a crisis or loss…

January 3, 2023

Are you temporarily narcissistic? I am sure it shocked or surprised several people when I confessed that I “felt” I was temporarily narcissistic after being psychologically abused by a covert narcissist. You might be asking yourself if someone you know is temporarily narcissistic. Narcissism is not a subject many like discussing or even thinking of….


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