The Undetected Narcissist eBook


The Undetected Narcissist eBook:

the undetected narcissist ebook

Book Description: The Undetected Narcissist, 56 Chapters and 373 pages

Do you struggle to grasp the difference between normal and abnormal behavior? Has anyone suggested that you need to educate yourself about narcissistic abuse, traits, and behaviors? Has anyone called you a narcissist?

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The Undetected Narcissist eBook will wake you up and answer your confusing questions. Written for everyone, even the narcissist. A must-read for all mental health professionals, people within the legal systems, medical professionals, law enforcement, and anyone that works with families.

The Undetected Narcissist eBook is the most comprehensive and enlightening book on narcissistic traits, behaviors, and how to reduce future generations from being traumatized when people are uninformed. This book conveys:

  • Learn to read between the lines with written documents
  • Tools to support law enforcement, mental health professionals, family law, attorneys
  • Decode and detect the difference between a victim and a narcissist
  • Decode and detect traits and behaviors so you are not blindsided or left in the dark
  • How to create a victim profile and what questions to ask
  • Discover the difference between normal and abnormal relationships
  • Realize what a healthy relationship looks like
  • Learn the differences between an NPD and a covert narcissist
  • Examples of real-life stories to prove what these traits look like when dealing with a narcissist
  • Connect the dots between childhood trauma and how a narcissist is created


The Undetected Narcissist is a shocking narrative, jubilation, and resiliency novel.

If you are a victim, you are not crazy. If you are a narcissist, it is never too late to stop unintentionally hurting the ones you care about. This book can change your life as well as someone you love. It is time to start living instead of existing. We need to stop being trauma ignorant and become trauma-informed.

This book reveals how one covert narcissist fooled over a dozen professionals within the system. I wrote this book to save lives, empower people, reduce childhood traumas, and support families in living a better life. Become empowered with newfound strength and awareness. We want to live in a world of love and peace; it starts with us and how we parent children. I know because my son and I are survivors. This book is our gift to the world and future generations.

the undetected narcissist ebook

The Undetected Narcissist eBook will change your reality and give you a newfound sense of HOPE!




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