November 19, 2023

First and foremost, I thought I was putting the Undetected Narcissist to bed and moving on to a new project. I was very mistaken until I watched the movie, “Fair Play,” on Netflix and questioned Chloe Domont’s intentions in writing and directing this film. I realized that millions of people across the globe, including: More…

January 10, 2023

Many people wonder, is it considered mutual abuse when a victim hits back? Today, I will unpack reactive abuse vs mutual abuse from the physical and verbal perspective. First, I must say that reactive abuse vs mutual abuse was not addressed or brought into the public eye until the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trials….

January 6, 2023

As you know, I get messages. Early this morning, around 6:15 am, I got a message. I was told to elaborate on what a narcissistic abuse dog whistle is. I had 45 minutes before my alarm went off, so I stayed in bed and listened. The more I listened and downloaded the information, the more…

January 3, 2023

Are you temporarily narcissistic? I am sure it shocked or surprised several people when I confessed that I “felt” I was temporarily narcissistic after being psychologically abused by a covert narcissist. You might be asking yourself if someone you know is temporarily narcissistic. Narcissism is not a subject many like discussing or even thinking of….


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