Coaching Parents with a Narcissistic Partner or Ex


Coaching Parents with a narcissistic partner or ex

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Coaching parents with a narcissistic partner or ex is never easy or enjoyable. Why do you need narcissist coaching? Dealing with a narcissist partner and ex can be very challenging. A narcissist knows all your triggers and buttons. The book, The Undetected Narcissist is proof. Over the years, I have learned various tools and techniques when it comes to communication and putting your child first. Coaching parents with a narcissistic partner or ex can shift your perspective from anger and fear toward wisdom, clarity, and resilience. If you have a child or kids with a narcissistic partner or ex, I can support you in the following areas:

  1. Help you understand what they are going through
  2. Give you tools and suggestions to support your child’s healing and recovery
  3. Explain why co-parenting is so essential and help you manage co-parenting ups and downs
  4. Point out signs of trauma
  5. Help you identify the role your child plays in the family dynamics
  6. Explore sibling dynamics and create harmony again
  7. Support you in rebuilding trust and establishing healthy communication skills
  8. Learn the sandwich approach
  9. Create a healthy support system
  10. If your child has autism or special needs, I will support you in finding resources within your community
  11. Learn how to be vulnerable when speaking with your child or children
  12. Teach you calming tools that you can teach your child or children
  13. Learn the four different parent styles
  14. Why it is crucial to create one-on-one quality time


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Who do I coach?

I am based in the United States and have coached people around the world for the past 20 years. I have worked with people ranging from 4 years old and up. I have worked with people from different backgrounds, religions, professions, and beliefs. I am trained in hypnotherapy, NLP, PTSD, trauma recovery, guided imagery, meditation techniques, metaphor stories, and coaching. Human diversity is welcome here.

Coaching may be a few conversations or ongoing sessions depending on your needs and current situation. I like to offer a FREE 15-minute consultation, depending on my availability. That is why it is best to email me first. I would recommend reading my book first because it is designed to help you see things more clearly regarding narcissism. I have worked with narcissistic people before, but you have to be willing to do the work for the sake of your family, relationship, and child.  If you do not do the job within a specified time frame, I will refer you to someone else. This link will direct you to the right product page for narcissistic people seeking support.

Coaching Parents with a Narcissistic Partner or Ex

I do charge by the hour and do not take insurance. Some insurance companies have a flex spending card, which can be used for out-of-network services.

Please Note: I offer narcissistic abuse recovery coaching, understanding that although I know a lot about narcissistic personality disorder and complex trauma recovery, personally and professionally, I am not a trained psychologist or counselor. You are your advocate, and I am here to support you with the toolkit I have created as an author/advocate/expert and empath survivor of narcissistic psychological abuse. If I feel you are a good candidate and match, I will schedule a 50-minute phone or video session. If you are ready to start today, you can purchase a 50-minute session. I will request that you email me before the session so I have a better understanding of your wants, needs, and situation.

Coaching Parents with a Narcissistic Partner or Ex

Your recovery starts here! I look forward to working with you and being your narcissistic abuse recovery coaching advocate.