How to protect yourself against abuse

Have you ever wanted a safety room in your place? I always have, and I did not realize I already had one. Today, I want to tell you a little secret on how to protect yourself against abuse inside your home. Of course, not all homes have this built-in feature, but some do. After what you learn today, you might be able to rig your place to create a safety room in case of an intruder in your home or to protect yourself from domestic violence.

how to protect yourself against abuse

How to protect yourself against abuse

To begin, I would like to tell you a story. I lived in a manufactured double-wide home. It was excellent, and I enjoyed the house. If you can picture the bathroom layout, most manufactured homes have the sink and vanity close to the bathroom door. Two weeks before I married, one of my cats played with the vanity drawers. The problem is that she opened the drawer and prevented the bathroom door from opening. I was relaxing and heard my son trying to open the bathroom door. Long story short, he could not get it open. I wanted to help her by sticking my arm under the two-inch gap below the door. I still could not push the drawer back. I tried and tried, hurting my left arm in the process. The cat was locked in the bathroom. The next day, my man came over to try to solve the problem, but the only way we could rescue the cat was to saw the door open. Even brut force could not open the door, making matters worse.

how to protect yourself against abuse

How to create a safety room inside your house

The next day, my arm looked like some abused me. A few days later, I went to pick up my wedding dress from being altered. When I put on my wedding dress and stepped out of the changing room, the seamstress put her hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eyes, and said, “What happened to your arm?” She knows what I do for a living and has my book, The Undetected Narcissist. When I told her what had happened, she completely understood. She was worried that my future husband would abuse me. She shared that her husband is a retired police officer, and she told her that the safest room in the house is the bathroom. He told her that even with brute force, a home invader could not open the bathroom door if the vanity drawer was against the bathroom door. He taught her to put a safety phone in the bathroom and to have a knife, fogger/gel pepper spray hidden under a stack of washcloths or towels. When you trap yourself inside, it buys you time to call for help. And you might think I could have climbed into the bathroom by using the window, but most manufactured homes do not have a large bathroom window.

Protect yourself from toxic relationships

When doing the headline analyzer, I was surprised that the search results were so low for domestic violence but higher for protect yourself from toxic relationships by 44%. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a situation and need to protect yourself from abuse, the bathroom is your safest place. You could install a drop bar alongside the bathroom door or a lock from the top of the wall and hooks into the top of the door. A person can hide a safety phone in a box of tampons, sanitary napkins, or any other package that will less likely be inspected. For example, when you buy a safety phone, immediately put it in the box once it has been charged and activated. You can install emergency phone numbers into the phone as well. This will allow you to text for help if you need to stay quiet. Then power off the phone and write down the phone number. Why? Well, most safety phones are bulky, and how would you explain yourself if you got caught? Plus, most people need to remember their cell phone numbers. Holding a box of female products will most likely make your man look away. This gives you time to put the box in the bathroom without trouble. If you are trying to protect yourself against an abusive female, I will use a box of hemorrhoid products. I know it’s funny, but let’s be honest. People prefer to avoid getting into a deep and meaningful conversation about these two products. You can give your cell phone number to a close friend you trust. If your friend gets a call from that number in the middle of the night, it will not be considered spam or the wrong number.

Embarrassed about how you met your husband

Lastly, I want to discuss something my husband shared with me. While I was driving, my husband was very nervous about something. He said, “I listened to your podcast, and I am fine with you sharing how we met, but aren’t you embarrassed about how you met your husband?” I looked at him and said, “No!” He explained that we met on a strange dating website and wanted to know if I knew what the website was really about. I told him I knew, but I didn’t use it as it was designed. I was looking for a man to take me out to dinner. I tried, plenty of fish, and eHarmony. Within a 100-mile radius, I still couldn’t find a match. I, of course, met some men, but they were lazy and just wanted to hook up. My husband laughed because he had the same bad luck. At least he knew he had money to take me out to dinner or the movies. He shared that one woman required $400 for a date. He thought that was a little expensive because it did not guarantee…sex. At least I was not doing that. I just wanted to meet someone nice and enjoy their company. Therefore, I did not do anything immoral, unethical, or something I would later regret. And there is a point here. People will try to make you feel shame, humiliation, and guilt. If love brought two people together unusually, so be it.

Either way, nobody should be embarrassed about how you met your husband or wife. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, how to protect yourself against abuse. Have a fantastic day!

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