Empowering Empaths and Healers

Empowering empaths and healers is vital for living a balanced life in your physical body. Are you an empath or think you might be an empath? Are you looking for a course to help you better understand yourself and others? Are you being called to be a healer to support people with interdimensional wellness? Kim Holman at 8 Hands Healing offers a wonderful course in person and online that is designed to make you an empowered empath.

Empowering empaths and healers is so important. Why this should be important to you is a narcissist is attracted to empaths. It is like the moth to a flame. And in doing my research, I discovered that many empaths do come from a home environment where there is a family member that is narcissistic. Being an empath, you need to learn how to deal with these difficult people, maintain your energy, and how to use your abilities to enhance your life as well as the lives of others. If you are not educated and informed about narcissism and the keywords to describe their behaviors, you will most like become victimized. I want to prevent that for you. I would like you to become an empowered empath and healer.

empowering empaths and healers

Kim Holman offers 4 different modules. Kim is a highly-gifted, intuitive healer. She is a certified magnetic mind coach and LMT. I highly recommend this course for all empaths and healers. Kim is an amazing woman with an incredible gift for educating and healing people. I am glad to be sharing this information with you today. Empowering empaths and healers is a great course to support you in living a rich and vibrant life.


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