What is the complete Christ Spark?

When we enter this world, everyone will face challenges. Everyone will experience rejection, betrayal, abandonment, shame, and feelings of not being good enough. Life is our teacher and every one of us here is to learn something. Some will be stubborn and fight against it. Others will easily realize that change is necessary for growth because the discomfort and overwhelming negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings become unbearable. These individuals seek positive solutions, and others stay stuck in the shadows, feeling sorry for themselves. These different emotions, thought patterns and beliefs impact one’s Christ Spark. It also impacts one ability to connect to their higher self or Christ Spark. Therefore, today, I will be unpacking what is the complete Christ Spark and how it pertains to God’s plan for humanity’s ascension into the Kingdom of Heaven.

what is the complete Christ Spark?

What is the complete Christ Spark?

So, in my curiosity to understand this concept more because I do not have a religious background, just a spiritual one, I asked Divine Love and Tobias to give me an example nobody can mistake. Here is their example. Hopefully, everyone on this planet has met someone who stands out. Immediately there is this inner sense and knowing that this person is uniquely different from other people within one’s outer world. This person is warm, light-hearted, fun, hopeful, accepting, forgiving, understanding, and brave. At times, this person seems fearless, and one admires their strength, integrity, moral values, spirit, and presence. Around this person, one feels safe, seen, heard, accepted, and welcomed.

They are not cocky or arrogant. This person is playful yet direct when necessary. They are trustworthy, optimistic, and open-minded. These people are genuine and good to others. This person goes with the flow of life and makes the world a better place. One is joyful to be around, and life is a fun adventure instead of doom and gloom. And when someone throws them down the staircase into the shadows of regret, shame, guilt, fear, sadness, or anger, they always find a way to climb back up the staircase into the light. Because they know how important it is to feel good and that life is about living, not just existing.

I am presence

And in some way or manner, they realize and the keyword is realized that if they allow someone to destroy their inner light and life, then in reality, the one who kicked them down the staircase wins. They achieved their goal of the destruction of one’s spirit. Therefore, this once bright and shiny individual picks themself back up, learns the lesson that experience intended for them, and moves forward in life. Making the best of every experience and opportunity in life. The truth and reality is, that humans admire these individuals for their strength, bravery, trust, inspiration, faith, and hope. All these positive thought patterns, behaviors, and emotions live within the human consciousness frequency ranging of 200 to 310.

Have you ever met someone like this? They can be like a breath of fresh air. Some might think, “Where has this person been all my life?” It is hard not to fall in love with this person. Why this person is so unique is they have been reborn in a spiritual manner. This individual has learned that life does feel better when one allows their Christ Spark to shine so brightly. In some manner, this inner beauty can shine so brightly outside their physical body, that people can or cannot see it, but feel its essence. This person strives to be authentic, regardless of outside influences or conditions.

channeling divine love

You might have witnessed people stuck in pride, anger, or fear. These small weak individuals stuck in the shadows will bully, tease, insult, or try to torment this shiny person to feel a sense of power when, in reality, this person is weak. Their only sense of control comes from force. So, they try to force this strong, powerful Christ Spark individual to bend, break, and weaken their divine connection with God and the Christ Spark within themselves. These people are stuck in the small self, and lower vibrational thought patterns and behaviors. Therefore, they will find these bright individuals threatening. The reality is farthest from the truth.

This bright person never intended to appear as a threat, but the small self’s mind and perception are wired differently. Warning bells go off in this vulnerable and weak small self and their perception becomes distorted. Believing that this bright person will and can threaten their status and a false sense of power. And let’s be honest: people who are bright lights in our world can intimidate another person. Their presence and being is felt first before the eyes gaze upon them. They are like a beacon of light that can walk through the valley of shadows without fear or concern. They are one with God and everything around them.

Then, envy and jealousy can set in. Some people in the shadows will want to hurt this individual. This is when the small self will cling to blame, destruction, and evilness and eventually eliminate this beautiful bright light. Their true power and strength are seen as a threat instead of an opportunity; the keyword is opportunity to teach others stuck in the shadows how to evolve. To become and embody what the small self admires and desires deep down within their own Christ Spark because they are lost and stuck in the shadows. Not realizing that this bright light individual might be able to guide them and lead them into rediscovering their own divine Christ Spark within themselves. Does all of this make sense? Can you relate to and comprehend this teaching?

channeling the Christ consciousness

They want me to discuss Jesus Christ. Remember, this is a spiritual teaching, not religious. Jesus Christ will be used as an example to support humanity in better understanding and comprehending the teaching of what is the complete Christ Spark. Let’s continue.

When Jesus was here on Earth, we had mastered all the Upper Rooms of Human Consciousness. He was the perfect example of the Christ Spark that exists within all of us humans. There were no dirty family secrets or sins from his past to cover his diamond light spark with ash or dirt. He was here to teach humanity how to enter the Kingdom of Heaven by having the courage to ignite our own Christ Spark within and to become one with God and the Christ Consciousness. Jesus did this without judgment, blame, or shame. He did not force the teachings, only offered his guidance, wisdom, love, and support.

master the upper rooms

Because he could sit with the sick, the prostitutes, and the underprivileged without being stuck in pride or fear of these types of people. He could tell how dim or bright their Christ Spark was within their physical body. Jesus saw potential in every living human being. He wanted those individuals that were suffering, to find relief. There was this heart’s desire to have humanity living as one in peace, harmony, cooperation, compassion, and kindness. He witnessed the pain and suffering of God’s children and desired humans to discover a better way of living and existing with one another.

And as the story goes, he died for our sins. Certain people and the collective that was stuck in the shadows could not see the errors of their ways. These individuals could not comprehend a better way of living and existing. This would mean they would have to confess their sins and wrongdoings. This could make people experience shame, guilt, remorse, and humiliation. Nobody likes to think or feel these emotions about the self. So, to avoid facing the truth and being exposed, these individuals destroyed the messenger of peace.

At this time, Jesus did not fail God. There were too many of the egotistical small selves stuck in fear, blame, and self-righteousness to comprehend their mistake and errors. Therefore, he was made as an example to the world. Yet, people had the realization and revelation that Jesus was here for a reason. To spread God’s Word when religion was being used as a tool of force, control, conformity, and abuse.

the upper rooms

In the beginning, it was acceptable at 350, for individual people to have various religious beliefs and practices. Yet, arrogant rulers and kings decided that their religion was the correct one. Why these individuals took this approach is in a distorted mindset, they believed and the keyword is believed, that God approved of their choices and decisions, when in fact, God did not. God never had a say in the matter. For if God spoke, God would have advised them against war and to focus on peace instead. Therefore, they were using God and religion to protect and defend their forceful choices. It was black-and-white thinking, acting, and behavior. Many lives were destroyed and good people suffered.

And we want to unpack this truth further. Many rulers were fed the belief and false truth that God had chosen them to become King. Ruler of a great land or country. Therefore, what choices and decisions this ruler made on behalf of the land or country must be and the keyword must be, acceptable in the eyes of God. So, this ruler would believe and manipulate others to believe that in the eyes of God, it was acceptable to kill, rape, murder, and destroy lives, communities, and other lands or countries. This ruler would say, “For God has chosen me as your ruler and everyone must obey God’s law.” And out of fear, torture, or death, the people who resided under the reign of these rulers, would be forced and the keyword is forced, to believe and obey their ruler because God has chosen them as King.

So, when Jesus came along and spoke of bringing God’s children into the Kingdom of Heaven, these rulers felt threatened. In their minds, God chose them, first over Jesus. Jesus was not a ruler or the chosen King by God. He was just a common man, like the slaves or peasants. The rulers would think, “How could this man, who calls himself Jesus, know anything about ruling a kingdom?” We all know what these prideful, arrogant rulers did and believed.

The issue is that in history, these rulers did not know or could not comprehend that the Kingdom of Heaven was not a place one conquers or rules over. It is a place one creates within themselves. It is a shift in human consciousness from freeing the mind, spirit, and Christ Spark from the conditioning, concepts, and beliefs that hold each individual back in life and keep them stuck in the shadows below 200. Because the history books tell stories of rulers that were all about the self as well as rulers that supported their people. Does all of this make sense?

the upper room

Therefore, Jesus was seen as an Avatar of the Light of God. He descended upon Earth to live and breathe among humans as an ordinary man and then to die to himself and to ascend into the Christ Consciousness highway. Jesus was meant as a living example to guide humans out of the darkness and to teach us how to ignite the Christ Spark within. To awaken humanity up to its true nature, which was to be one with God, our Creator.

For when the soul is allowed to express itself fully, the needy and clingy small self can no longer dominate or control. When the soul is fully expressed and one with LOVE at 500, the false perception of the weak shadow version no longer appears appealing. The individual has returned to a much richer level of human consciousness and self-awareness that was always there for humanity to claim eventually.

Therefore, the Christ consciousness is the consciousness and awareness of the self in and as the Divine Christ. Your Christ Spark within is what connects you to the Christ Consciousness highway. Meaning this person is one with God and the Christ Spark within themselves as well as all of God’s creations within the Universe. The attainment of this level of consciousness is commensuration with the realization led by Jesus Christ. The Christ consciousness is the realization within the soul of that individual mind. Knowing that all of us can connect and become one with Jesus Christ’s mind. We are one and the same and there is zero separation.

the Christ Spark

Therefore, the Christ Self is your Higher Self. The I AM Presence. Your higher self is your inner teacher, guardian, friend, and advocate before God. Think of it as your divine connection or bridge to communicate with God. If one desires a stronger connection with their higher self and intuition, one must realize that the soul must first rise. One must Master the Upper Rooms to expand their soul and consciousness. This expanded soul and consciousness feeds the flame within all of us. The connection is stronger, clearer, and more powerful. Therefore, your higher self, or Christ’s Self is the mediator between you and God.

So, when one is praying to God for support, one must ask themselves these questions. Is God used only as a means of reward or punishment? To strike down and punish those who have wounded the small self. Yet, the Christ Spark and Higher Self would discover reasoning, forgiveness, and revelation to the issue at hand. Does one barter with God by saying, do this for me God and I will do this for you? Is God your menu taker and server or do you grant God’s free will to align you with what one’s heart desires? And when one does not get what one demands, do you have a tantrum and declare that there is no God? So one turns their back on God when God will always be present. Waiting for this wounded small individual to rediscover their true nature and purpose upon this planet.

the higher self

For when a human prays, it is a vow or decree to God. It is the use and form of spoken prayer words. Used by students of the ascended masters to direct God’s light into the individual’s life and world conditions. So, when one prays, it is the authoritative Word of God spoken within the individual in the name of the ‘ I AM Presence’ in conjunction with the living Christ Spark within. To bring about a constructive change within one’s life and on Earth through the will of God.

That is why when Paul Selig channels the guides that speak to him and through him, provides various spoken prayer words to create the transformation and release within one’s mind, spirit, and Christ Spark. The purpose and intention of the use of these spoken words is to ignite the flame within all of us. For when the Christ Spark within is burning brightly and one is one with God, everyone, including Mother Earth; we can all feel it. The Christ within has risen and is reborn.

Every human on this planet is on a path or journey. The path or journey of initiation. Whereby the individual human student, who pursues to become one with God and the Christ consciousness will have to learn how to overcome step by step the limitations of self. Eventually to attain access to the Kingdom of Heaven in presence and being. A transfiguration will take place within because this initiation path of ascension occurs when one has attained a certain balance and expansion of the Christ Spark within.

modern day channeling

So, when it comes to what I do with clients, I know where the Christ Spark lives within me. The Christ Spark lives within the middle of everyone’s chest. This is the place where one can direct their healing energy by working with other humans, animals, or planets. Through the Christ Spark, humans can cure all their generational trauma, and astral lesions, and remove any negative experiences that keep one stuck in the shadows. When one connects to the Christ Spark within another human to heal another, one can nourish and support one’s soul. Because everyone has a Christ Spark. This allows us the ability and the keyword is ability, to connect to other individuals Christ Spark to take away their pain and suffering. This process and discovery is necessary because it supports the soul’s transition into the next stage or step along one’s spiritual evolution.

We have a message and warning for you all. We have spoken in the past about false deities and prophets. Humans have started to slowly learn about cults and how destructive these false spiritual teachers are. What humans did not comprehend in the past is narcissistic individuals. The one who lived within the shadows feeding off this false sense of power, control, and ability to manipulate another human being. These prideful arrogant individuals pray off the ones stuck in grief, despair, guilt, sadness, shame, and hopelessness. These wounded individuals are seeking a sense of relief, but do not realize that this spiritual teacher will give them a false sense of hope.

All narcissistic individuals have a pattern of habit. They will shower the spiritual seeker with the illusion of unconditional love, safety, and hope. When this person is hooked, the false deity will start to pick them apart. Devaluing them and separating them from family members or friends. Using their insecurities and weaknesses against them. Pushing them up into courage, but not realizing the push into courage can be the destruction of one’s spirit. Because some spiritual teachers believe and the keyword is believe, that the soul must be destroyed or crushed for a change to occur. This is a false belief. There can be death and rebirth without causing trauma or destruction to another living human being.

channeling higher beings

The brighter each individual Christ Spark becomes within, the more one feels and senses the divine connection within. The divine connection to their higher self, God, the masculine father, and Divine Love, the feminine mother, of our Creator. They have this peaceful, loving presence and demeanor. One has a clearer and more direct connection with the collective consciousness highway. The resistance of the small self has been removed. It is about oneness, instead of the self. Abilities can become awakened within one’s intuition and as self-awareness develops and strengthens over time like a muscle within the body. When one has become the essence and presence of Love, the Christ Spark is complete and fully activated.

Imagine what the world would be like if sixty percent of the population on this planet ignited and completed the full expansion of the Christ Spark within. What would this world be like if sixty percent of the population aligned with the human consciousness of LOVE? Displaying, utilizing, and working with all the gifts within the steps below 500 to 200. Imagine what life would be like on this planet and how humans would treat one another. It would be a step in the right direction, wouldn’t you agree?

Pretty interesting stuff if you ask me. Therefore, I have been guided to share with everyone listening to a reading I had in 2013 by Debbie Griggs. I must let everyone know in advance that this reading is not the typical reading one would expect from a psychic. It was not about money, relationships, family, or my future love life or happiness. The reading was about me being the pinhole of light. It is about how I use my Christ Spark to connect and heal my clients. It is about Tobias, and me channeling higher beings from different planets as well as my connection with Divine love.

Thank you for reading or listening to this material on what is the complete Christ Spark. Next week I will be posting the two podcasts that I channeled and removed. Until that time, have a wonderful day and many blessings.

In love and light,

Angela Myer


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