Unlock Faith in the Last Days Decoded

If you can recall, she spoke at the beginning of Season three about how she learned about how humans are created within darkness and born out of darkness. This concept and idea were very new to her because she had never read the Bible or any religious books. She has always gravitated towards spiritual teachings. Yet, we are now being called to answer some burning questions and concerns regarding the Fall, the last days on Earth, and the fiery flames. It all ties into the concept of mastering the upper rooms because one is mastering oneself to become One with our Creator. So, today, we will discuss how to unlock faith in the last decoded days.

the kingdom of heaven

How God Communicates

If any of you recall, when Divine Love or God spoke with her, she was advised to reach out to three people, and one of them would bring her a book to answer her questions. The same person who recently brought her the book Outline of the Principle Level 4 visited her. She had not read the complete book he gave her. The truth is, she only read about 20 pages. She now comprehends why she had not read the entire book. The real truth is she was not ready.

She promised her husband she would not discuss these things but now discuss them with the world. Yet, she must because she is here to teach people how to Master the Upper Rooms to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. These tools guided her in becoming complete in God’s eyes, and others can do it, too. Therefore, in the beginning, she kept her promise, but now she has broken it. She broke it because her calling and agreement with God are stronger than her agreement with her husband. He now knows the truth and has made peace with it. She cannot keep secrets or lie. She first needed to get back to the baseline before accepting who she is, what she is, and how she is being called to serve.

So, when she saw her friend the second week of May, we immediately guided her to discuss how people are created and born out of the darkness with her friend. This was the next subject matter we were guiding her to discuss within her blog post and podcast. We were calling her to the book once again. As she started to read the book, we guided her to put it down and talk to her friend. To tell him what she already knew and discovered from the Creator first before diving into this book sent by God.

So, she started to tell him, and he listened. In a narrow version, what the Creator shared with her and what is written within the book does align. How is this possible, some may ask? God does work in mysterious ways. Therefore, we are guiding her to share today with everyone willing to listen. Our and her version might be different or might not. She would not know.

the kingdom of heaven

Those moments she listened to and communicated with Divine Love, which is God, were something she would never forget. It is like a warm blanket of love enfolding a person as if God asked her to rest her head on God’s shoulder as they connected as One. She still has those moments from time to time. When she does, she considers it a download of information and data being imprinted upon her energy field, systems, and Godlike consciousness. She wants us to explain the feeling. It feels like one’s head is buzzing, and energy is swirling around it like a halo.

Sometimes, she lies there and downloads all this data and information. The most recent download on Sunday evening took her around three hours. It can be very tiring for her. Some of the information comes in the form of images or a movie playing. We guided her to draw another picture for this subject we are discussing today. Yet, she is still trying to figure out how to draw this image, so we will describe it instead. So, let’s talk about the fall.

the fall

The Fall

We all know about Adam and Eve. The apple is not an apple but a symbol. Adam and Eve were not complete in God’s eyes. Like all young adults, there is a growth period. They needed to learn how first to survive, become independent, stay positive during a crisis, forgive, and accept each other opinions and ideas. Sometimes, they have to learn grace and mercy when they make an error in judgment.

Their main goal was to align with God’s Will and Love. They were supposed to create good, Godlike children, which creates a family. That family grows and creates a community or society, next a state, and eventually a nation. We have all heard the saying that some adults never grow up and become mature adults. The good news is there is no time limit on when one can become complete in the eyes of God. Anyone and everyone can do it! It’s all about a choice.

In the beginning, when humans fell from grace, the fall had a special meaning. It was the death or separation from the spirit and God. The pure God Mind or Original Mind was split from God, and the Evil Mind was formed in all of man. The Evil Mind was formed because Lucifer was the ruler of this domain, no longer God.

One’s Spirit Self and God cannot connect or communicate with the Physical Self when someone is stuck in the survival shadows below 200. The Evil Mind has complete control when someone is stuck in the shadows below. It is all about self-preservation and survival. That is why it is challenging to communicate with someone who is stuck in blame at 30, and the other person is seeking forgiveness at 350. One mind is positive, and the other mind is destructive. The only way to reach a common ground is to try to relate to the evil mind in a manner the evil mind can comprehend. We know this sounds complex, but she knows how to do it.

the fall

When one compares these two different mindsets, the frequency vibrational setpoint is off by 320 Hz. That is why people recommend calming down and return to baseline at 250. At 250 one can listen to their Spirit Self, God, or the Evil Mind. Everyone has a choice! One can take the high road or the low road.

The Spirit Self is always connected with God and can communicate with God directly. The Spirit Self can have many lifetimes, but the Physical Self has only this lifetime within this vessel. That is why the power of prayer and faith are so important. The higher one climbs up the staircase, the closer one becomes One with God. God wants to support all his children. The good news is God can now hear your prayers, but pray wisely. God cannot answer or hear our prayers when one dwells in the shadows below 200. People that live there are stuck in separation. Some are greedy, lustful, lying, cheating, stealing, killing, manipulating, and destroying one another. Others are battling depression, anxiety, fears, low self-esteem, grief, shame, and anger. God wants to help but cannot. One must first lift one’s thought patterns to a higher octave or frequency to grant God access.

the last days

We know the Bible says that God will wash away one’s sins, but God will not wash away one’s sins if they continue to live and exist in the shadows. There is no God below 200, only evil voices that spin false truths to keep one stuck in fear, anger, or despair. In reality, someone who exists below 200 is living in hell. Life is a struggle when some are gaslighting, manipulating, lusting for more power, or fighting to stay alive.

One is surviving, but the sins are piling up. All those sins get carried over and into the next generation and the next. Plus, the soul will have to release the seven layers of generational trauma from the family tree. And one cannot blame God because if God knew the sins one was about to commit, God would advise against it. Yet, God cannot advise or reach this person who has lost their way below 200. One must lift up the staircase to feel or perceive God’s presence, ranging from 200 to 1,000.

So, when someone witnesses a horrible crime, God is present to witness the violence. God did not create the violence. The Evil Mind influenced man to act in a violent manner. For example, when a drunk driver strikes a child and dies, it is not God’s fault. God could not communicate with the person driving the car because the person was stuck in the addiction Evil Mindset at 125. A person who lives above 200 in consciousness would not drive drunk. They would take a taxi or Uber or ask a friend or family member to drive. The connected person can still enjoy a drink but does not become a stupid drunk. There is no need or desire to punish oneself in that manner.

unlock faith

Yet, when humanity experienced The Fall, humanity did fall. Sin was created. Adam and Eve were no longer Godlike; they fell into darkness. They created offspring created out of darkness and born into darkness. Those offspring created a family, then a community, next a society, a state or country, and eventually a nation created and born out of darkness. And when we say darkness, we mean people stuck in the human consciousness frequency levels below 200. It was all about the self and survival. People eventually could move up the staircase as the means of survival got easier and easier.

Once people become satisfied and more optimistic about life and can survive comfortably, they can connect with their Spirit Self and God again. This person is living a satisfactory life at 250. Intuition is built because the Spirit Self can now communicate with the Physical Self. This is when people began to learn the power of prayer and faith. People can consciously see, feel, hear, and experience a positive difference. People want more and more because it feels amazing to be self-empowered and connected to God. This was when rituals, scriptures, prayers, meditation, and storytellers began speaking of spiritual practices. Those spiritual practices and storytellers grew and eventually turned into religious teachings.

the Christ consciousness

God does not care what religious or spiritual practice one follows. All God cares about is having all his children become One in the eyes of God, fulfilling the Creator’s Divine Plan for humanity. Humans are all here for the same purpose. To build a foundation. When the foundation stage is complete (all the basic needs are complete), one starts to build and grow inside. Because everyone will experience shame, guilt, abandonment, rejection, and thinking or believing one is unworthy or not good enough. One must overcome these life lessons and challenges. The fall is an opportunity to pick oneself up and rise above it. Become stronger and more resilient after the initial fall. During these stages, God is indirectly able to communicate with man by way of the Spirit Self.

Then, the final stage is the completion stage. Can one be and remain complete in the eyes of God in all areas of one’s life? Can one be Godlike in presence and being when someone tries to get you to lie to make another person look bad? Would you lie to get special treatment? Could you lie, knowing that it could seriously hurt the other person? This is the real test and question. Will this person sin, lie, cheat, steal, abuse, or bend the rules to win or get out of trouble?

god speaks

Because once one is complete in the eyes of God, one is in the direct dominion of God. God controls all your choices before you act or respond. This explains WHY Sister Miriam said that God speaks to her. She has a direct relationship with God instead of an indirect one by the use of the Spirit Self. Therefore, anyone can do this if they choose. That is why she says she cannot lie, cheat, or steal. She cannot make herself do it, even when she knows it would benefit her greatly, but it would greatly destroy another person she loved.

The problem is man must be aligned at the vibrational level of 200 to be able to perceive or connect with one’s Spirit Self. The only way a person could connect with their Spirit Self or God again was through the individual’s level of human consciousness. Therefore, when one begins to Master the Upper Rooms, one is building and repairing their connection once again with the Spirit Self and God. Each step makes the connection stronger. The intuition builds like a muscle, and this inner guidance and direction begins within one’s consciousness.

channeling divine love

Therefore, religion and spirituality did support humanity’s battle against good and evil. We are very grateful for this gift. Some individuals did become complete in the eyes of God. These Godlike people got married and produced offspring. The principles and concepts were passed down from generation to generation. Yet, evil still wanted to win the war. So, we saw individuals who appeared to be rather dark end up in a rather light family. This is one way humans are tested. Can the light stay the light when darkness comes knocking at one’s doorstep? Some could, and others could not.

Other times, it is the sins passed down from generation to generation—questioning and leaving people confused about why God would do something like this. Yet, God is not doing anything to hurt or harm his children. God gave a warning. Some listen, and others ignore the red flashing warning signs. That is why self-awareness is essential. When one is not self-aware, it is like one is intentionally and stubbornly wearing blinders. Believing one is untouchable. Stuck in pride, but all kings will fall before him.

So, think of it this way. All those bad choices one made were stepping stones. Stepping stones that keep one stuck and chained below 200. Because in the beginning the Evil Mind wanted to win and did win this battle against good and evil. Yet, eventually, the Evil Mind knows that its time is ending. More and more humans are becoming enlightened with and without the support of religion. Because people were deceived by people in robes claiming to be holly, when in fact, the Evil Mind still spoke to them and directed them to spread the word of FEAR instead of LOVE, it worked, but God works in mysterious ways, we say.

channeling God

We spoke to her about the Indians and Asian countries. Initially, they were the closest to God compared to some other religious practices. Why? They accepted (350) all spiritual and religious beliefs. They did not force their beliefs upon another person. Each person’s spiritual beliefs are sacred and personal. Their relationship with Mother Earth, plants, animals, and one another was more harmonious. They were not demanding, insulting, or evil. Some would disagree, yet when they were first approached by humans of a different race and color, it was more curiosity like an innocent child, instead of fear, hate, separation, and elimination.

The Indians wanted to find a common ground that aligned with God’s plan. Yet, the Evil Mind is all about survival, separation, greed, a false sense of power, and lies. We all know what happened to the Indians. She never agreed with what has been written in the history books about the Indians. White people considered them savages, yet the white man was more savage and sinister because the Evil Mind controlled and dominated all their choices. The Indians had God on their side, but again, at the time, this was Lucifer’s domain, not God’s.

the evil mind

So, when it comes to purgatory, anyone living below 200 is stuck in purgatory. Mother Earth can either be one’s Heaven on Earth or one’s hell/purgatory. Think of purgatory as a gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven. One must release and burn away all the last attachments of sin. Discovering what was unknown when it comes to the areas of sin. Four layers and levels of sin must be examined, known, explored, and released within an open heart aligned with LOVE.

First is one’s individual sins within the Physical Self’s life experiences. The second sin is the collective sin, and the third is generational trauma and sin. When those three layers have been released, the original sin remains. We live in a time when humans have the ability and capability to achieve God’s plan. To shift the tables and create a Heaven on Earth for the whole of humanity.

master the upper rooms

Now, we need to discuss penance. If one’s heart is not aligned with the act of penance, it is a waste of time. Hollow words and actions, we say. One must explore why one is angry and why doing the right thing irritates them. Where is one’s alignment? If one is angry and irritated, one’s alignment is at 150. One is still stuck in hell, and all one needs to do is cling to the pride to feel better at 175 and the courage (200) to find a sense of relief. Relief and baseline is at 250. Calm down and breathe. The Spirit Self and God can now communicate with you. Before, they could not. Ask for guidance and support. Be humble and ask for grace.

Go within and explore one’s mindset and emotions. Observe and notice each time the Evil Mind tries to control and influence. Observe the difference between the Spirit Self, God, and the Evil Mind. This is one’s true place of power. To stop, go within, and explore the dark closets within one’s life story. Shine one’s flashlight onto the truth instead of allowing the Evil Mind to keep the truth hidden behind shame, blame, and guilt. Bring it into the light and face the truth head-on. There is nothing to fear, we say. God forgives all his children who do penance in a manner that pleases the Spirit Self, the Physical Self, and God. And when we include all three elements, we mean true freedom. All attachments have been released within the personal sin, collective, and sometimes hereditary sin.

the last days on Earth

The Last Days

When God spoke to her about the last days, she saw a day of celebration, not destruction. She briefly read a Bible passage about the sun and moon going black and the stars will fall. She realized the hidden secret within that prediction. When ALL of humanity is close to becoming One in the eyes of God and Mother Earth is a whole new world of the Kingdom of Heaven, humans will start to glow as Jesus did. Imagine over a billion people glowing from the flaming Christ Spark that exists within everyone’s heart.

That amount of light on Mother Earth would block the light from the moon and stars at night. All evil and wickedness would be eliminated from Earth, and God would now be the ruler and lord of this heavenly domain. Lucifer would no longer be in control because he had been forgiven for his sins against God. She is interrupting. “This truth is for another time, correct?” Correct, we say. She wants us to explain what she saw.

If one can imagine the staircase to the upper rooms, she saw the lower human thought patterns as being stuck in darkness. Evil forces play tricks upon human minds, filling one head with thoughts of fear, anger, sadness, despair, and death. The higher one lifted towards baseline at 250, the lighter the black mass below became. People can start to see the light, but some are afraid because they listen to the whispers of the Evil Mind. Others are tired of struggling and do grab ahold of courage. Trying to inspire others that are lost below in the dark.

the Christ Spark

Upon each staircase, she saw the illuminated Spirit Self, and above this thin line was the connection to God. She saw that each time someone mastered a step, the illuminated Spirit Self became brighter, and the Christ Spark within became stronger. Eventually, when one has mastered becoming the essence and presence of LOVE, all the separate parts create a new whole. It was like puzzle pieces snapping into place. The Spirit Self, Physical Self, God, and the Original Mind all snapped into place within the sacred flaming Christ Spark Heart. It was amazing, and she rejoiced in the image. There was no longer an Evil Mind. It was gone. It was gone because of Lucifer’s gift to humanity and an agreement between God and his Creator.

So, there will be no fire and flames upon Earth. The Earth will not be destroyed when God rules over it. That is why your journal or book is so important. “You, the people, are saviors for the future generations”, she says. Your stories of how one overcame lust will guide and support another you may or may not meet in this lifetime. Your Courage will inspire and uplift the masses. Every story counts because every life is worth living in the light. Living in the dark or shadows is a miserable life. One is not living, just existing.

the upper room

One’s book or journal will live on within one’s family tree. Honoring and still loving the previous generations to avoid history repeating itself. Because everyone’s family tree was about survival when Lucifer was lord and ruler, this new family tree is the original tree, The Tree of Life, which God intended. Every member of the Tree of Life is cherished, celebrated, and loved.

As for Heaven, it will be different. Currently, all spirits return to Heaven. When a person leaves Earth, the Spirit Self and the Physical Self return to Heaven. The memories and life experiences the Physical Self experienced on Earth are imprinted upon the Spirit Self. This would include sin and generational trauma. So, bad people go to Heaven, but their sins are not removed. It stays upon the Spirit Self until the stain can be washed away when the Physical Self aligns with the Spirit Self seeking redemption. Heaven will no longer house or store bad people in the New World. All the sins have been washed away. This is a time of celebration, we say.

unlock faith in the last days

Imprint Upon the Spirit

She wants to give an example of this fact and truth. In her training to become certified in life between lives, she experienced something astonishing. She had to practice on several people, and one person had an odd situation. This young woman, who just turned twenty, felt cursed. Her brother was friends with her daughter. This young woman had been hit by a car when she was riding her bike and two other times while driving and as a passenger.

She was concerned when she heard about the car accidents this young woman repeatedly experienced. During the session, they went back to her previous life. This young woman in her previous life died when she got hit by a drunk driver. Her Spirit Self and Physical Self did not feel like it was time and were very distraught. She did not want to go into the light and return to Heaven. There were no tools in her training manual for a situation like this.

Being who and what she is, she began to explore by asking this young woman under trance questions. She had a feeling and knowing that this young woman was warned by her Self Spirit to slow down, but she did not listen to the guidance and was struck by the drunk driver. Her feelings and knowing were correct. This person knew the sound of their Spirit Self but often ignored it. So, at the end of the session, she advised this young woman to listen to her Spirit Self every time. Follow its heavenly advice.

master the upper rooms

A month passed, and this young woman got into another car accident. Now, she was twenty years old and had four car accidents. This time, she was not the driver but the passenger. She heard her Spirit Self warning her to tell this man to slow down, but he would not listen. He turned too hard and slammed the passenger side door into a tree. The only person who got seriously injured in the vehicle was this young woman. The remaining three passengers only had minor injuries. This young woman became very afraid and contacted her again once she was released from the hospital.

Being who she is, she asked God for a solution. She knew she could help this young woman, but the training manual did not include what she did next. It was all divinely orchestrated and directed by God. This young woman was invited back for another free session. What God advised was to take this young woman back to the moment before she got hit by the drunk driver and died. God wanted her to listen to her Spirit Self and slow down. When the young woman imagined this in her mind and knew her Spirit Self was by her side, she saw the drunk driver miss their vehicle and crash into a tree. This time, the drunk driver died instead of her. What happened next blew her mind.

the spirit self

The Spirit Self filled this young woman’s mind’s eye with light. Tears ran down her cheeks because gratitude and love were so intense. Her Spirit Self thanked her for this gift and embraced her completely. She was finally free from this energetic imprint stuck in her energy field, drawing car accidents into her Physical Self’s life experience. This story is ten years old, and this woman has been accident-free ever since.

There are many lessons within this story we share. We hope this information will bring clarity and support to all of humanity. Stop now, please.

Next week, I will be discussing Lucifer. I am a little uncomfortable about it, but what I am being guided to share is important. Some will believe, and others will not. It does not matter. What matters is this story was real and it can and does impact humanity. It is not a bad story, just an unusual story. So, with that said, thank you for listening or reading. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

In love and light,

Angela Myer

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