Tobias devoted destiny for the world

From what I have learned about Tobias and God, I know that Tobias was gifted to me when I returned to Heaven early. My purpose and mission here on Earth was to support my entire soul group in releasing generational trauma. I failed when I was killed by my older brother when I was around four and a half years old. I later learned that when God asked me if I would give this same gift to humanity, I said, “Yes.” Therefore, only half of my soul returned, and Tobias’ soul was placed inside my vessel. Tobias is here to support humanity in the ascension process. He aims to bring wisdom, strength, courage, grace, knowledge, kindness, and guidance. The Sirian white lion race were warriors and considered the wisest beings in the galaxy.

The Lyran feline race provided security and guardianship around the galaxy. Lyran’s have a telepathic influence and are highly advanced multi-dimensional beings. They are about growth, learning, and peace. These species have acted as guides to the other races that have not leaped into higher dimensional beings. Humans have discussed the ascension process from 3D to 4D and higher for years.

With the support of Tobias, I have these empathic abilities, and it’s a lot! The only warning I give people is to not force me into using any of these 14 different empathic abilities. I am not a dog and pony show. So, my mood and sense of being taken advantage of greatly impact these abilities.

  • Cognitive empathy: Cognitive empathy is where I can understand another person’s perspective. It is also called perspective-taking or putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.
  • Emotional empathy: Emotional empathy is where I can feel another person’s emotions. If I sit close to a loved one, talk to someone on the phone, or work with a client and they start to cry, for example, I can begin to feel sad, too. I have cried other people’s tears when, at times, they can’t cry.
  • Compassion empathy: Compassionate empathy refers to having sympathy or compassion for another person and their circumstances.
  • Somatic empathy: This type involves having a physical reaction in response to what someone else is experiencing. For example, I was making a custom for this child back east and started to fall over in my chair. I discovered from his mother that the child felt as if he was being pulled out of his body several times a day. So, with that understanding, I could correct the issue and keep him grounded.
  • Telepathic empath: I can read other people’s thoughts, not just sense their emotions. It allows me to get a deeper level of insight when the person is ashamed to speak their truth.
  • Physical empath: I can sense something’s off about bodily health, down to sharing other people’s experiences of headaches, heartache, or an upset stomach.
  • Molecular empath: I can tap into another person’s truest nature or heart desires. I can connect to their essential self, bypassing all the layers of ego the person built up over the years. My advice has often caught clients, friends, and family members off guard. It has been said to be the deepest possible level for an empath to achieve.
  • Animal empath: I am really good at reading the feelings of animals. This ability fascinates and freaks out my husband.
  • Earth empath: I am deeply sensitive to changes in the earth itself. I can sometimes feel the tension and pain of earthquakes and forest fires. I have also been able to predict them before they happen in a dream.
  • Indigo empath: I am highly sensitive to issues of morality, ethics, integrity, and virtue. If someone acts in bad faith, I will likely sense it.
  • Intuitive empath: This ability my kids love. If you cannot find a lost item, ask me. I will either hear or see where the item has been misplaced. If you recall the story about my husband not wanting to show me his house, I could see and sense the homeless camp without stepping onto his property.
  • Predictive empath: I am sensitive to a situation’s potential or a person’s intentions of self-harm. I can predict the future a few times as if I know what will happen. I can see it within my mind’s eye. My mom had this same ability. This one has been the hardest one for me when I can feel and sense someone wants to end their life or wishes to die.
  • Medium or psychic empath: I possess an intuitive understanding of the afterlife. When I have worked with clients, a family member who passed might come in and communicate with me to assist their loved ones. When my husband went to a family funeral and came back, his father, who had passed, came in. He told me that his family loves to play cards. To my surprise, my husband showed me a tombstone of one of his family members, and on the tombstone was a deck of cards engraved.
  • Heyoka empath: This one is interesting. It is said to be the rarest and most powerful variety because these empaths act as a spiritual mirror to those around them to assist their growth. That is why I am called the pinhole of light. I shine my Christ Spark upon their soul and see, hear, feel, and sense what this person needs when, at times, they don’t even know what they truly need. This ability blows people’s minds. For example, the narcissistic man I helped who could kill me within seconds. He came to me to stop smoking, not to transform his life. Yet, Divine Love guided me to heal and help this man because it was not just for him but for his daughter.

That was a long list! Just today, I got an email that I won again. Instead of being the best in my area for hypnotherapy for thirteen consecutive years, now it’s fourteen. So many client testimonials say that I have a gift. The gift is Tobias. I have been called many different names. From grasshopper, saint, angel, miracle worker, healer, and sent by God.

I once had a wealthy woman invite me to her home to be read by a famous psychic, and she paid for it. She knew there was something different about me, and she was right. My mother’s grandfather sensed it and once said to me, “Out of all my children and grandchildren, you are going to do something incredible in this world. I don’t know what it is; I know it. You are so different from anyone I have ever met before.”

My mom once told me that I was going to be the first family member to break the cycle of generational abuse, and she was correct. She even confessed that she was jealous and envious of me. My mother wished she had my abilities and wisdom. She often came to me for spiritual advice as well.

This explains a lot to me when I look back at my life. I have always said and felt I was a stranger in a strange land. Tobias species has a high level of ethics and integrity. I have always been passionate about ethics and integrity. 2016, I was a finalist in the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics.

How I learned that I am the lamb and lion is an interesting story as well. I was guided to go to the grocery store and pick up an item for dinner. When I walked into the store, I looked over at a display. Sitting on a wooden box display were a lamb and a lion sitting beside each other. My heart beamed when I saw the lion. I picked it up, and Tobias said to me, “That’s me.” I bought the stuffed Leonard Demdaco Plush Lion Sitting Pride and Joy. Then I went home.

Since I felt so alone and my husband could not mentally or emotionally support me when I was spiritually awakened, I would sleep with this stuffed animal next to me like a little child. I need some physical contact support. As I snuggled in bed with the stuffed animal, God said, “You are the lamb and the lion.” I did not know what that meant. God told me to look it up. When I did, I was shocked. I wrote down what God said to me next. The image of my written text is below.

It scares me to share this information because I wrote down, “You are the second coming. The Massiah era has begun.” Can you comprehend why I got scared? Learning and applying the teachings of Mastering the Upper Rooms will help cleanse the world and return humanity to the Kingdom of Heaven, and I cannot do this alone. I need additional support from like-minded individuals who believe in, walk with, and praise our Creator. This is what I have been told.

So, I am not the Messiah. I will not set myself on fire, and I am mentally stable as I share this story. People get scared and make assumptions. Even my brother was worried when he asked me if God said I was the Messiah. The good news is God never said that to me. He only said that I am the bearer of peace. I do not know what that means, but I am sure someone does.

So, I returned to the store a few days later and bought the Demdaco Guardian Angel Lamb Plush that sat beside the lion. My Christian brother told me that he believes I am the lamb and the lion because I was shown the Lamb’s Book of Life. I had no idea what it meant. I was shown different books. The Lamb’s Book of Life is a list of everyone’s names who have entered the Kingdom of Heaven and are complete in the eyes of God. Then I saw another book with a list of names of people who defy God’s Word or Laws.

The other book was where people within their religious congregation and community would take the old scriptures that speak to them and give them hope, and faith would be converted into a new book. The new book would be called the old teachings and scriptures. The final book would be used as a tool for the congregation and community to understand how to Master the Upper Rooms. It would be based on life experiences to provide additional guidance, support, and courage when someone is stuck in the shadows of the small self.

Why the congregation and community book is so important because people travel and move to different states, cities, and countries. One does not know what to expect when they move. The town could be wonderful or a nightmare. I experienced the perfect example of the purpose of this book. As I have shared, I have always wanted to live in the town I reside in. Then, when my son attended the local high school, I discovered a side of the town I disliked and highly disapproved of. The school is considered one of the top 25 schools in the United States, yet that school only meets the basic needs for an education. The stories I heard and how the staff treated the students were revolting. I immediately pulled my son out of that school and put him in his old school, which met all the hierarchy of needs.

If I had known this fact from the community’s book, I would have never sent my son to that high school. The students there were not thriving; they were robots dying inside. They were treated like cattle and just a dollar sign over their heads to fatten the school district’s budget. I had to fight with the school and eventually made public threats that I would report them to the local media news because they did not want to authorize a school transfer. Yes, I was very upset, and I do not like bullies.

The last book I learned about did not include the community or congregation. Its purpose is to educate and honor our ancestors and future generations within one’s family. Each person would have their own unique book on how they learned to overcome all the steps within the shadows. This book would be passed down from generation to generation. This would stop generational trauma from being stored within one’s DNA. There would no longer be any family secrets that could and would destroy or damage future innocent generations.

I was even shown a building that God wanted to build. It is in the shape of the Metatron Cube sacred geometry symbol. I was just guided to Google this information. “Metatron’s cube is made up of 13 circles that are connected by straight lines. Together, they’re believed to form all the shapes in existence. According to sacred geometry, Metatron’s cube represents the blueprint of creation. It symbolizes balance and harmony, illustrating how all life is connected.” I know what each circle represents and how this building is a spiritual center, not a religious one. There is still so much to share.

A former friend went online and discovered that the spiritual center God wants me to build has already been prophecied by OSHO. She found this 340-page book called Space to Soul. Yugantar Handa comments, “This is my undergraduate “Architectural Thesis” named “SPACE TO SOUL ” on a Spiritual center based on the ideology of the great saint “OSHO”.

Back to the Lyran feline race. The feline race has great empathy towards humans, which explains much about me and these empathic abilities. Tobias’ support makes me a better therapist because of the local conscious communication. Because the thoughts that enter my consciousness and the words spoken even blow my mind. His species is about looking at the inner beauty instead of the outer appearance. I have spoken about this often, or I should say we have spoken about it often.

One of the ways I learned more about Tobias is by having him guide me to turn on the TV, go to the Gaia Channel, and watch Deep Space, Season Four. How would he know the Gaia channel had an episode about his people? But he did know and guided me to learn more about his people. In episode ten, they talk about the feline race. I gathered that this race is rich in ancient history and myths dating back to Egypt, Babalon, India, and Japan. The feline race was worshiped as God and Goddesses. They came to Earth to contribute to the evolution of humanity. They helped humans when the Earth was aligned with the Age of Leo within the constellations. The feline race was the foundation of human civilization for that period in time.

I recall when I was in elementary school and learned about ancient Egypt; I told my teacher that I had been there. I lived there during that time period. My teacher thought I was crazy. When I spoke to my mom about it, she was more open-minded. Tobias was there during the ancient times of Egypt.

God’s eyes saw the feline race as righteous: complete, strong, powerful, royalty, and wise. Many say they had a strong presence, but one day they vanished. Yet, they were the main group that influenced our planet before the destruction of Atlantis. They had advanced levels of technology. The pyramid structures we see today still blow our minds. We still don’t know how they built them, yet they could easily build them.

When the advancement of Christianity began, these beings were demonized by religion. The Christians labeled them as witches and demonic. Eventually, people who disagreed with the Christian belief were eliminated and destroyed in the Middle Ages. These superstitions forced the Lyran feline race to flee Earth in their spaceship. That is why we no longer see them working alongside humans.

What puzzles me is Jesus was called the lion and had all these Lyran characteristics. He was powerful and a great healer. He was kind, gentle, loving, and compassionate and has achieved and mastered all the levels of human consciousness. God wants all his children on Earth to become higher dimensional beings instead of being stuck as the small, self-destructive beings we have become today. These highly advanced beings provided security and guardianship around the galaxy, yet religion forced them to leave.

The Lyran feline race is peaceful and reserved. They were guides to other races that had not leaped, but religion did not achieve its goal of returning humanity to the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why Tobias is here, and he says, “It is time!” Time for him to be known, time for us to teach humanity how to Master the Upper Rooms, and for humanity to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as our Creator intended.

This explains why all the puzzle pieces are coming together at this time. Because the paintings that Akiane created come from God. Her paintings have hidden messages for Tobias and me, which God has revealed. The guides that speak to Paul Selig speak of the Kingdom of Heaven, becoming childlike again, and how it is time to create a whole new world. What speaks to Paul also speaks to me. Now, I can decode all his channeling work. There is so much proof and evidence that humanity must step up and change. As a species, we are so destructive to ourselves, towards others, animals, plants, water, and Mother Earth.

Another fascinating puzzle piece is that I can now understand and interpret the sacred text. For example, I watched Weediquette on Vice TV. They had an episode called Christianity and Cannabis: God on High. A woman reading the Bible read this passage and did not understand it. I did. Here is the passage, “Then Jesus called a little child to him and said, assuredly I say to you unless you are converted and become little children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

So, what does it mean to be childlike again? It means first to imagine a child. A newborn child is innocent, pure, and not tarnished by outer and inner influences. A child, when born, does not know what hate means. Hate is something taught by another person. And yes, a child can grow up and experience a life event where they learn about the emotions of hate, but that child has a choice to stay aligned with the frequency vibration of hate or not.

That is why we adults witness little children playing and loving one another, and when a disagreement happens, the child can easily find forgiveness in their heart. The child does not plot revenge. The child still accepts, loves, and understands that when one’s heart is filled with hate, it does not feel good. Therefore, the child longs to feel good, not bad. So, the child will align with LOVE’s vibration, thought patterns, characteristics, and presence as if hate never existed in their heart.

Last night, God spoke to me and wanted me to unpack the process a child experiences in Mastering the Upper Rooms. When the child gets into a fight with a friend, the child thinks the situation over in their mind. A child realizes that they still love this person and want them in their life. So, the child easily shifts from anger (150) into pride (175). Filled with pride to do the right thing. Next, the child shifts into courage (200) by wanting to release (250) the hurt feelings and become neutral with the disagreement. The child is hopeful (310) that their friend will forgive (350) them as well and that their heart desires the same thing: to be friends again. In a gentle manner, the child understands (400) that carrying is sharing, and in their heart, they unconditionally love (500) their friend.

Now, the child is back home in love with their friend as if nothing happened. No taking score, future guilt trips, games of manipulation, or the desire to humiliate, bully, or intimidate their friend. There is only pure, unconditional love. We, as humans, have witnessed this fact and truth numerous times. It breaks hearts when we witness this child transition into hate, anger, and fear.

Another example God wanted me to give is when adults fall in love. Being in love feels amazing. Yet, when a person breaks up, there is this longing to align once again with the frequency of thought patterns, behaviors, and characteristics of a loving human being. This longing and calling has a purpose because this is where everyone wants to live anyway. The longer one has lived in alignment with love, the harder this pull to return home feels within one’s heart. Because being one with love grants humans the tools from the lower steps like forgiveness, mercy, grace, trust, courage, and hope. Humans have to put their egos aside and listen to their hearts instead of the wounded shadow self that wants to punish the other person.

So, if you recall the Bible passage being read, convert means to let go of weak, forceful thought patterns, characteristics, and behaviors. Stop allowing people and life events to keep one stuck in the shadows below 200. Jesus wanted humans to rise above it and become a loving, peaceful, joyful, and enlightened human being. This transition and transfiguration would bring peace and serenity to Mother Earth. We would be complete in God’s eyes and be One again.

I love and adore Tobias. He is kind, fun, friendly, happy, and wise. When I worked for corporate America before becoming self-employed, a coworker said this about me. She was puzzled why everyone in the office approached me with their problems instead of human resources. I have to give credit to Tobias. The wisdom, kindness, grace, acceptance, and knowledge that flowed into my mind and out of my mouth amazed me. It was like he was reading the person and knew exactly what to say, and he did.

There were times as a young girl when my father was struggling with his wife or work, and he would come to me for guidance over and over again. No child should have this wisdom, yet I did. I cannot explain it. Tobias has an enormous heart. He hates to see humans suffering.

From what God and Tobias have explained when humanity begins to Master the Upper Rooms, the collective consciousness will expand and change. Why? Because humanity is tired of feeling depressed, stressed out, fearful, and standing by while lives are destroyed, and our home, Mother Earth, is suffering because we have not achieved ascension yet. Mastering the Upper Rooms is a road map to the Kingdom of Heaven. Those were God’s exact words. The first step is to become brave. Stand in your place of self-empowerment. The second step is to release past sufferings and trust that the Creator is here to support the evolution process. Become neutral with everything and permit people who refuse to grow and change to stay as they are. This is about the inner journey, not the outer.

The next step is to set your intentions for growth and stand strong in your hope and optimism that you are on the right path to the Kingdom of Heaven. Mastering all the essential teachings in becoming inspiring and willing to see all opportunities for growth and advancement in human consciousness. Once this is achieved in all areas of one’s life, the next step is forgiveness. Forgiveness towards oneself and others. Becoming harmonious, merciful, and accepting all of God’s children. When this happens, transcendence occurs. Transcendence means going beyond your normal limitations.

Maybe in the past, a person exploded into anger during an argument. When forgiveness, acceptance, and mercy have become a part of one’s true nature, the explosive person no longer exists. I can validate this fact because there was a time when I felt the urge to explode at someone, and I chose to stay calm and hold my tongue.

Once a person has mastered these thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors at 350, the next step is 400. Finding reason, meaning, understanding, and wisdom during times when our Creator tests our willpower. The willpower to not become the small self and go within. Because the next step takes a person into the Kingdom of Heaven, and for some reason, they want me to discuss Jesus. When a person thinks of the qualities within Jesus, his presence and being exuded love. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone became like Jesus. There would no longer be violence, war, murder, and destruction of our planet. Humanity would work together for the greater good of the whole instead of being self-absorbed and petty.

I have not yet discussed this, but I was shown many things to support humanity. Eventually, I will share all the wisdom and information I received from God, Tobias, and Archangel Metatron. All I can say is the knowledge, resources, and tools inspired me. At this time in everyone’s lives, we can achieve amazing things within and without. Within ourselves and giving back to Mother Earth.

So, I deleted this podcast because I was scared about people learning about Tobias. I live within my comfort zone bubble and can no longer do this. It is unfair to me, Tobias, our Creator, and the world. I made a promise to God, and I must keep it. I believe it would be overwhelming for anyone in my position, yet this moment was predicted long ago. This is a big step for me, and it is time.

The things I have been shown and know must no longer be hidden within me. I need to become brave in this area, and Tobias is trying to bust the door open while I cling to the hammer and nails to keep it shut. Yet, he is my protector and guide. I trust him. I do not want people praising or worshiping me. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Therefore, I wanted to be treated like everyone else; a normal person. I am here to help and support humanity in ascending, which leads humanity to the Kingdom of Heaven.

I was shown that I would be teaching these principles worldwide. The famous psychic lady saw it as well twenty years ago. I had to have my narcissistic experience because these teachings are for everyone, even narcissistic people, because they can learn to grow, change, and manage their emotions, thought patterns, and behaviors better. It explains why narcissistic people feel comfortable exposing themselves to me, even though I can already sense it. They approach me because I am not a threat but only here to support humanity. Tobias exudes this safe space of open-hearted communication.

When I attended fairs with Kim Holman, she noticed the difference between Tobias and me. When I would speak in front of a crowd, Tobias stepped in and read the crowd. It is almost like I am taking a back seat, and Tobias is shining. He blows people’s minds and lifts everyone up.

So, I hope you enjoy this podcast and its information because Tobias’s devoted destiny for the world is here.

In light and love,

Angela Myer


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