Remarkable Practical Guide to the Collective Consciousness

A remarkable practical guide to the Collective Consciousness. To begin, I must share that my blog post material is never pre-planned. There has never been anything scheduled or planned for months. I go with what I am being guided to share with humanity after I complete their initial request. At times, this information can come to me as soon as I finish a new blog post or podcast. Other times it is days later to give me a break, but the information always fascinates me.

Currently, I am being guided to discuss what is the collective consciousness. In the beginning, I lay in bed at night and listened to Divine Love or Tobias. This is the time when everything is quiet and my mind is clear from the day. I believe what I have learned is this information will be remarkable because it is a practical guide to understanding the collective consciousness. You and I are a part of this collective consciousness, so this information should be important to everyone on this planet we call home.

what is the collective consciousness

What is the Collective Consciousness?

Before we begin, as you know, I have been talking about how to Master the Upper Rooms for a few episodes now. I have given examples of the different energy frequency levels of human consciousness ranging from shame up to pure consciousness. All these different levels of human consciousness are part of the collective consciousness, so please be patient.

I have to share that when I am one with pure consciousness at 700 to 1,000, it is amazing. The love and wisdom are mind-blowing because I am connected to the collective consciousness and God. After all, God created the collective consciousness. I know that my channeling style is different, but I set the intention to be the most clear, direct, and understandable channeler possible. Why? When I would listen to or watch other people channel wisdom from higher beings, I at times found it confusing.

I believe that had to do with not being able to understand the importance of how humanity first needed to learn how to raise our vibrational set point from the small self into our authentic self. When someone is stuck in the lower vibrational frequency thought patterns, one cannot access the next step without knowing what is the next step. I hope this makes sense.

Everyone on this planet has an energetic vibrational set point. If you have listened to Paul Selig’s Channel, when his guides talk about the small self, they are talking about humans that are stuck in the shadows below 200. These people are stuck in pride, anger, endless desire for excess or sex, fear, guilt, anxiety, depression, or shame. This is all they know because nobody has shown them a better way of thinking, acting, or behaving.

And if someone did, fear must have prevented them from making that leap of faith into courage at 200. This set point impacts everyone on this planet. We humans can feel the tension. For example, it is impossible at times to communicate with someone stuck in arrogant pride. Their personality, behaviors, and mindsets are black and white. Which brings me to something I shared with my son today on the drive back home from school.

the upper room

My son shared with me a new favorite song he discovered and the song speaks to his soul. I asked him to play the song on Spotify. The song he played is what you just heard in the opening of this podcast by Marvin Gaye called, What’s Going on? This song has a profound meaning to me as well. I have created a YouTube link to the video.

As a young girl, I watched this song playing on the PBS station. I would wake up every morning before Sesame Street to hear this song and watch images of the war. The song spoke to me at a deep soul level and it still does. I realize now that it was Tobias who was watching it with me. He needed to know what was going on with our world in the early 1970s during the Vietnam War because the last time Tobias was here on Earth was during the Egyptian times.

What most people do not realize is his father shot and killed Marvin Gaye on his 45th birthday. When I shared this truth with my son, he was shocked. So, I explained why. I told him that Marvin Gaye was about societal change and he was the voice for his generation. He was all about making love, becoming more loving human beings, living together in peace, oneness, connection, and acceptance. He was considered a prophet and a message-giver. His father was a preacher from 1914 to 1998. Yet, his father had resentment and jealousy towards his son and felt that he was not living a Godly life, so he took his life. The first shot was fatal, but his father decided to shoot him a second time, point-blank. That is hatred and resentment.

Two polar opposite people wanted to do good in this world, but one was stuck in pride, anger, resentment, and shame. This is what we call the small self. Calling himself a holly man when he was in denial of the truth. His son saw and sang the truth and spoke the truth. He wanted society to do exactly what I am here to teach, which is for everyone to communicate, stop fighting, love one another, and let’s live in a world of peace and harmony. His son’s message was more impactful because it was TRUTH and his father became jealous of his success.

The black-and-white rigid ways of thinking, acting, and believing prevented his father from opening up his heart because the truth is his father never loved him. Probably because his father was not taught or modeled by his parents how to love another living human being. It was foreign to him. What puzzles me is this man called himself a man of God, yet God loves all his children. He should have known this truth. Even when another person hates them, God still loves them because God knows they have strayed away from the light and are lost in the shadows. A Godly person embraces all, yet his father struggled with his own unresolved childhood abuse and addictions. That is why we say, hurt people hurt people. It must stop!

understanding the collective consciousness

Guide to the Collective Consciousness

So, think of yourself as a radio tower. Above your head is a radio signal that sends out this frequency tone and vibration out into the world. All our thoughts and emotions are being broadcast daily. Second by second. For example, when 911 happened, the Earth felt it. There was a spike in magnetic energy around the world. Therefore, this means how every one of us thinks, feels, behaves, and treats one another matters. The Earth feels it. The Earth is a living organism.

Everything around us is a part of our Creator. We are divine beings because the Christ Consciousness exists inside everyone. You just need to believe and learn how to tap into it and listen. Therefore, there is no separation. This can explain why so many people believe, think, or feel alone, disconnected, and separate when they exist, not living, in the shadows below 200. This is not what God intended for us. We are all supposed to be living as one in peace and harmony.

So, the collective consciousness is sort of like the ozone that surrounds the Earth, without the hole. Every living human being’s thoughts, feelings, and energetic setpoint are sending out a signal to this massive human consciousness highway in the sky. Thoughts, feelings, and hearts desire to collect and gather together creating chaos and change. Without chaos or tension, there will not be any change. It would be the same old day after day. So let me give you an example. The example I will give is slavery.

modern day channeling

Slavery went on for thousands of years. Today, we still have slavery, but it is not out on display for everyone to visually see. It is called human trafficking. The collective consciousness, which includes you hopefully, desires slavery to end. Yet, the people who come from old money, power, and pride do not want slavery to end. It makes them even more money when in reality, they have more than enough money for two or three lifetimes on Earth. Their lustful endless desires for more money and power are toxic. It is destroying our planet and these people do not care. Yes, some might say that they are donating money for a good cause, but it’s all an act. Smoke and mirrors. Lower or middle-class people are not important unless it fattens their wallets. There is a massive crisis at hand.

Therefore, the collection consciousness is very similar to Christopher Duncan’s work in how he teaches people to connect and work with the superconscious mind, which is the collective consciousness. This connection is between the conscious and unconscious elements of the human mind. So, the collective unconscious is not formed from personal experiences but rather from the collective experiences of our ancestors, which includes Jesus and every living soul that once existed on Earth.

channeling divine love

When someone can access the collective consciousness, it can be considered a deep well of innate wisdom and knowledge from every existing life. We can access wisdom from future generations and request that healing or transformation take place within one’s life. And when one accesses the collective consciousness it does lead to self-discovery and personal growth. One can change the patterns within themselves and discover why those patterns were here to teach someone a valuable lesson. Because life is our teacher. Life experiences are here to teach us what we came here to learn, which could be forgiveness, developing trust, becoming more optimistic, and learning unconditional love when only conditional love existed in the past.

So, when the guides that speak to Paul Selig say that the collective consciousness wants us to make this change, it is saying that all our ancestors know that it is time. In our era, we have the tools, resources, abilities, and information to create the world our Creator intended for his children. There have been enough wars, hatred, abuse, violence, people destroying one another, and this planet. The collective consciousness has the heart’s desire for every living soul to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, which is not a place, but a state of BEING and EMBODIMENT. Becoming one with the essence, mindset, thought patterns, and presence of LOVE at 500.

So, what do we do about it? Everyone, including you, needs to learn how to raise your consciousness into the thought patterns of 250. That means we need to stop being so fearful, depressed, angry, and scared about the future of this world. We need to move up into courage and then jump up into trust. Trusting that everything is going to work out. Releasing the old ways of thinking and acting creates this alchemical transformation effect within one’s vibrational energy field. One is in a place of self-empowerment, instead of dis-empowerment.

master the upper rooms

Even when we can’t see it at this very moment, we need to keep the faith. One needs to make peace with the chaos because the chaos is only temporary. Then send out the radio signal of what one’s heart desires for the whole of humanity. So, if you want to live in a world filled with love, peace, joy, cooperation, equality, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance, you must create it within yourself. Become what one seeks. Your radio signal matters. It impacts everyone because we are all energetically connected whether you believe it or not. It is just a fact. It’s the truth.

When we focus on what we do not want, our thoughts rise into the collective consciousness highway that surrounds this planet and it feeds and manifests more of what we do not want. It feeds and creates more chaos, drama, fear, and dread. Then this forces us to stop and think. It forces us to find a positive solution to the chaos and global crisis we face today. It also feeds the ones who enjoy living in the shadows and darkness because some can consider the lower or middle-class people a waste of space. The planet is getting overpopulated and soon we will not have enough housing, food, and water to support everyone. Yet, it will not impact the wealthy. These people will make sure of it.

the collective consciousnness

So, if you have ever listened to Abraham-Hicks, law of attraction, when Ester Hicks talks about that radio signal and changing the dial on the radio, or getting into the vortex, this is exactly what she is discussing. Someone stuck in greed and desire for excess will either do two things to manifest more money. There is the path of force, blackmail, threats, humiliation, smearing, intimidation, destruction, abuse, backstabbing, and manipulation. They are determined to win even if it means destroying another person.

Then there is the path of trust, faith, release, and hope. This trust, faith, and release of the old beliefs must be claimed within the body, your energetic body. Once it is claimed, it is like you are holding a golden key of transformation. Because money will always be flowing and exchanging hands. Some have more and some have little. A lot depends upon one’s mindset, beliefs, and relationship with money.

So, I will give you two perfect examples of what I mean about money. About twelve years ago, I coached two people around the subject of money. One person was into trading and the other person wanted to attract an investor for her frequency machine that would treat and improve cognitive performance.

To help both of these people, I was using the tools of how to Master the Upper Rooms. My main focus was for each person to become one with the essence of LOVE at 500. This frequency setpoint aligns with the heart’s desire, not greed, lust, or excess. I made each of them a custom recording to focus on what their heart desired and I had them visualize as if they already had it. My approach is to never focus on a dollar amount because that can create expectations, which can turn into disappointment. I focused on what the money would do for them and how it would make them feel.

the upper room

The man who was into trading wanted to be in the zone every time he traded. He became so good at it, that within six months he was able to put all his belongings into storage and travel the world with his wife for 10 months to a year. This man was amazed because he was the owner and creator of an coaching online company. He knew I was different from every other coach and asked me to coach him based on his client testimonials of me. He learned from experience the power of Mastering the Upper Rooms. Thoughts do create our reality.

The next person was more challenging because it was hard not to get scared when the checkbook had a balance of eleven dollars. She had moments when she had to borrow money to pay her rent. Often she would call me up out of the blue, scared and worried that what we were doing would not work. I told her that every time she drops down into fear, grief, anger, or hopeless thoughts to stop. Imagine a bright red stop sign. Imagine what you do want. See it, feel it, believe it, and expect it. Raise yourself back up into living a life you LOVE at 500 every time. Well, she did it. She attracted her investor and within 18 months, this investor gave her 9 million dollars. We are powerful human beings and love is much more powerful than greed.

Why her story is so impactful is she did the work, not me. I believed in her when others did not. Daily, she made a conscious effort to think and feel differently. She had blind faith because her heart desired to give this new technology gift to the world. It was a selfless act and a desire to better support humanity. Her heart’s desire lined up with the collective consciousness seeking solutions to treat and improve cognitive performance. Now she has made a positive impact within our world. I am so proud of her.

the lamb and the lion

The owner and founder of the coaching website said to me once, “Do you realize how much power you have? You could be making millions of dollars with this form of coaching. You should be teaching this everywhere! Imagine what the world would be like?” What this man does not realize is God intended me to teach this to everyone and to do this, I had to experience the dark night of the soul. I had to experience and learn about narcissism, trauma-bonding relationships, attachment styles, becoming trauma-informed, and different kinds of mental health issues.

At that time in my life, I did not know about these things and I am so thankful that I know about them now to better comprehend and support the whole of humanity. Because not many people have compassion for someone narcissistic and do not want to understand them, yet we humans create them. We need to accept responsibility for our part because narcissism can be passed down from a person’s family tree. It’s generational trauma and it is not fair for someone’s grandchild or great-grandchild to pay the price and suffer in this new era. The collective consciousness wants this pattern to end.

the bearer of peace

Here is the point of all of this information. Everyone on this planet who has the heart desires to live in a world full of connection, hope, happiness, joy, equality, truth-telling, and mercy must focus on releasing the old ways of thinking, acting, believing, and behaving toward one another. We need to shift our consciousness from a place of fear or greed, into a state of mind that transforms and empowers us all. We also need to release any trapped generational trauma, within oneself. I was just told to look this up, the sins of our fathers. I discovered online this information. “Our ancestors sinned against you, but they are gone; now we suffer because of their sins.” This is generational trauma and it can be trapped within a person’s DNA.

The good news is we live in an era where we can all now release this generational trauma, understanding the sins and suffering, while forgiving those that sinned upon us in this lifetime. Back in their generation, there were no solutions, understanding, or reasoning. History just kept repeating itself. That is why it is time, they say.

We are being called at this time to do the work because how we all think and feel matters. It impacts our world and reality. When the collective consciousness joins together in raising the vibrational setpoint on this planet, it benefits everyone and future generations.

master the upper rooms

Even today, we are benefiting from the choices and courage of the collective consciousness of people who wanted to end slavery in 1865. When COVID happened, the collective consciousness of hundreds of people jumped up from fear into courage and bravery to find positive solutions for employment, groceries, education, supporting restaurants, and keeping everyone safe.

For example, when my mother was living with me and in Hospice in 2019, I tried to watch old television shows with her. She had dementia and I thought these shows would help her. What I used to find funny, disgusted me. I saw the world from a completely difference lens. The show Happy Days and Cheers was extremely popular, but if you watch it today, you might have the same reaction. I disliked Fonzie and as a child, I thought he was cool. Not anymore.

The way Diane treated Sam in the TV show Cheers was sickening. She had relationship issues and loved to play mind games with this poor man. Yet, back in the day, people found another person’s pain, heartache, and mind games funny. When one becomes one with compassion, love, forgiveness, and understanding of another human being’s feelings, thoughts, and emotions, one cannot be cruel.

the Christ consciousness

I know the world is scary right now and these scary times are forcing all of us to make a choice. A choice in how we all want to co-exist with one another. Either we jump on board changing the way we think and feel or we do not. Everyone has a choice and all those choices are part of the collective consciousness highway. Therefore, your happiness matters. When I returned home after being away for forty days and forty nights, God said to me a few weeks later when I was still healing from this traumatic event that I am the bearer of peace, not the Messiah.

Many people thought I lost my mind because God also told me that I am the lamb and the lion. When I did not know what that meant, God told me to look it up. The lamb is a little four-year-old girl. The lamb sleeps with the wolf, which means my son. My son’s bedroom was covered with pictures of wolves, his bedding was wolves, and I slept next to my son. It also stated in some Bible passages that the infant is not afraid of the cobra. I wrote in the introduction of my book, The Undetected Narcissist, on page 14 that I was the snake charmer and I was not afraid of the narcissist. When I shared this truth with my brother, he said, “I believe you are the lamb and the lion.”

Channeling Tobias

Sounds crazy right, but the ones who truly knew me, including my younger brother, who knows the Bible inside and out, believed me. He was fascinated because he knew I did not like religion. He asked me so many questions and I knew the answers having never read the Bible. I have witnessed how religion has damaged and destroyed lives. Because I did die and witnessed my death during an EMDR session. Then in a lives between-lives session with a hypnotherapist, I discovered that I did die, only half my soul returned to this vessel, yet I was gifted a being from the brightest star in the galaxy.

I did not know why or who until I was spiritually busted wide open at the end of September and the beginning of October of 2023. I was gifted Tobias for a reason. The reason I discovered this by God is that when my soul was speaking to him in Heaven as a young girl, he asked me this question. “Would you be willing to give this gift to the whole of humanity and not just my soul group?” I said, “Yes”. This is how brave my soul is and I could not do it alone. God knew I could not do it alone. That is why Tobias lives inside of me.

My brother knows above my bed is a three-foot by five-foot image of a lion’s head. Many people within my inner circle believe in God’s request for me to teach humanity how to Master the Upper Rooms and how it can create a whole new world everyone consciously desires to create one day. They encouraged me to do it, so here I am.

the upper room

Therefore, I am not here to force anyone to change. I am just here to shine a light into the shadows so people can find a positive solution to the problems everyone faces in just existing in this chaotic and crazy world. Plus, God said to me that this is not a religious teaching but a spiritual teaching. I am only the messenger.

So, thank you for being a part of this work and listening to this podcast. If this work speaks to you, please share it. Soon, I will be shifting over to a new platform and podcast. A website for Master the Upper Rooms and the podcast will go deeper into the information. Of course, I will let everyone know in advance before I make this transition. I need to reach a bigger audience, and as you already know, most of season three has not been about narcissism but freeing oneself from trauma, abuse, self-doubts, and hardships.

how to master the upper room

Now, I do need to share one last thing. I have been guided and asked to repost the two podcasts that I deleted when I was under the influence of the Jesus juice. Well, I have listened to them, and I am at peace with the request. Like all people, I got scared, and I believe anyone would. I did not understand what was happening or why. I am enjoying my comfort zone world. We all do.

I was not ready to make this dramatic change. I could not understand at the time, why me? Everyone who has worked with me and knows me knows why it had to be me. It is my calling and destiny. I had to get over my fears of exposing myself because it was holding me back from reaching a larger audience. Now that the healing process is almost complete within my mind, body, and spirit, I am ready to teach this everywhere. This is what I am being called to do.

Therefore, I will be posting the two deleted episodes again in a few days. The first one is about how does it feel to be in the upper room and the second podcast is about Tobias and Tobias does speak. I do not have a blog post for this because I deleted it. I got scared. Yet, I am being guided to create a blog post with links to these two unique deleted podcasts by discussing the Christ Spark. It will explain why my nickname from clients and people who know me is the pinhole of light. I will also include an audio file of a reading I had by Debbie Briggs. She talks about this truth. It might fascinate a few listeners.

So, thank you for being a part of this remarkably practical guide to the collective consciousness.

In love and light,

Angela Myer


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