New season three of the undetected narcissist

In this blog post, I wanted to share what happened in 2023 and what to expect in the new season three of the Undetected Narcissist podcast and blog posts series. First off, I want to update you on my main intentions for creating the blog and podcast series – the undetected narcissist. It should be evident to everyone by now that my series on narcissism is uniquely different because I come from a human consciousness and spiritual perspective of oneness and love. I have a mental health background, have been a clinical certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner for over twenty years, coached thousands of people all over the globe, spiritual advisor, as well as being trauma-informed. I am all about love and expanding one’s consciousness so humanity can evolve, instead of treating one another like disposable objects.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

From my own personal experience of dealing with narcissism and healing from the aftermath of psychological abuse, those experiences created the book, blog posts, and podcast series. So many people wanted to know how I healed so quickly, maybe thinking, in the back of their minds, that maybe it was not as bad as most would assume. Well, my experience with a covert narcissist was my dark night of the soul. Some people can heal from those experiences, and others cannot. It can completely alter and destroy your view of reality, one’s perspective about humanity, and one’s purpose in life.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

A great deal of the podcast material people listened to and read within the blog posts were mainly divinely guided and channeled. Believe it or not, the book, The Undetected Narcissist, was inspired and requested by Archangel Gabriel, “The Light” painting by Akiane Kramarik. I saw his face, and he spoke to me, which Sister Mariam saw as a sign from God. The introduction to the book, ‘The Undetected Narcissist’ was guided by Divine Love as well as the images I downloaded before my first public speaking engagement.

It might seem crazy to hear someone like me say that God or Divine Love talks to them, but it does. It does for the higher purpose of humanity because I am here to serve humanity and everyone who is willing to listen and learn from their teachings, not mine. I am just the messenger.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

New season 3 of the undetected narcissist

Each time I channel, it was exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Sometimes it would be in the early hours before sleep or around the middle of night when everything was quiet and still around the house. Divine Love was the one that told me that human create narcissistic people and when I asked my son’s psychiatrist, his response was “Bingo. How did you know?” I was not going to tell him that Divine Love or God told me. He might think I am crazy.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

Then, when it came to the podcast and blog post material, I would sit, listen, and discover what subject matter or topic I was being guided to address. This is called conscious channeling. I have been doing it most of my life, and it has always been incredibly rewarding for myself as well as my clients. It doesn’t matter where a person lives on this planet; I can connect to them and create that pinhole of light within the darkness or shadows of their life so a transformation can take place.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

Now for the hard part. I must apologize to everyone. Towards the end of September 2023, I got spiritually busted wide open. It was like pandora’s box opened up and I did not know what the hell was happening to me. I channeled two episodes and created two different blog posts about how does it feel to be in the upper room. This was all spiritually guided, I must address. Then I got scared and paranoid due to friends planting fearful thoughts about what they speculated was happening, but they were incorrect. I was not ready to embrace this new roll and purpose God had chosen for me to pursue. In fact, I kept wondering, “Why me? I am just your average person. Why not someone else?” Yet, I did discover why me, and I now realize it had to be me.

Now here is the crazy part. High amounts of THC can make anyone insomniac, paranoid and cause psychosis. Then add to the mix extremely sleep deprived, and my body experienced chronic fatigue and pain…well it was a bad combination. My husband thought I went crazy, and, in some way, I did. So, let’s this story be a warning to everyone. Let me explain.

Cannabis is a beautiful natural herb and drug. You can consume it by smoking, drinking, or an edible. My husband’s favorite hobby, now that it is legal, is growing it. He has learned many different ways to use this plant. One can infuse it into a drink, mix it with chocolate, make your own gummies, or smoke it. Whichever way your body consumes the product, it will impact the body and brain differently.

Well, my husband’s favorite quality time as a couple was to watch TV together and drink a cannabis gin-infused cocktail before bed. It would support both of us in getting a good night sleep. I enjoyed this drink for two years, until by accident, he doubled the batch dosage. Yeah. When you have a drink, you sip it and/or let it sit for 20 or 30 minutes. One does not consume it all at once like smoking or an edible. So, you are getting lower dosages that eventually it adds up to one big dose within the body.

It took my husband two weeks to finally figure out what happened to me because the paranoia phase did not happen first. It happened two weeks later. The spiritual awareness occurred first, and I became crystal clear about how I was being called to teach master the upper rooms and in fact, I had already been teaching it since 2011 and channeled that information within my first book, Affirming and Focusing on Living a Better Life. It also did not put me to sleep but filled me with excitement and energy. I would be up for hours listening to God and the Angels.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

New season three of the undetected narcissist

I am a long-time student of channeling. I listen to higher levels of guidance from more advanced spiritual beings. It fascinates me. Since I was on high amounts of THC, I was once again, shown what to draw. I was shown how to teach master the upper rooms so ALL of humanity.

The purpose of the drawing is so people can ascend into the Kingdom of Heaven. Spiritual ascension is all about shifting one’s vibrational levels of human consciousness so humanity can evolve as a species and enter the Kingdom of Heaven, which is becoming the embodiment and presence of the Christ Consciousness. That is what God indented of his children, but we all know what happened to Jesus. It did not end well for that man. Yet, many people are taking a spiritual journey instead of a religious one. Becoming one with love, having faith, trust, knowing one’s worth, and hope is essential for the evolution of humanity.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

How to Master the Upper Room

And I must say, I am not a religious person, which confused my husband, religious family members, and friends because I was having direct conversations with God, Archangel Metatron, various Archangels, and Tobias. I have never read the Bible or any Bible because most of the information is outdated and does not apply to our generational situations. Yet, I was doing and talking about things that were written thousands of years ago. It was mind blowing. My younger brother who is a Christian and knows the Bible inside and out knew that what I experienced was not normal or typical. Yet, he believed me because of what he has read in the Bible. Here is just an example.

This message came from God on Sunday, October 8th, 2023 at 3:00am and ended 3:05am. “Carrying the Cross: Jesus only carried the cross once for all of humanity. How many times have you carried the cross of shame across your backs? The cross of sorrow, regrets, heartache, revenge, remorse, lies, and half-truths? This is not what I wanted for my children. I wanted all of you to learn the steps so you could set yourself free and be the living example of love. Unconditional, genuine, open-hearted mind and body. You are love. Love = God, the Christ Consciousness within. Hear my words. I have spoken.”

God also mentioned, which I cannot find written down, to imagine the cross. People that worship the cross, do not realize that the purpose of the cross was only designed to be carried when one exists, vibrates, and emotionally feels trapped within the energy frequencies below 200. It is to remind you that God and Jesus are walking with you, side by side. Here to support you every step of the way, with their love, compassion, mercy, hope, courage, and understanding. Once a person has begun to master the upper rooms and is now vibrating at the human consciousness level above 200, the cross is no longer needed because you are no longer carrying the sins on your back. You can put that cross down because you are now reborn, renewed, and on your way to rediscovering your authentic self, which is love and light.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

That was some pretty profound words being channeled from someone who is clueless about the cross and meaning behind it. Can you understand why people thought I went crazy? Plus, religion does not have a good reputation. It has been used to control, instill fear, profit, and manipulate another person. But there is a flip side, religion has been known to inspire, bring hope, and enrich one’s life. God and Archangel Metatron showed me how religions could thrive if they only embraced how to teach their members how to master the upper rooms. All I can say is the sacred geometry of the Metatron symbol does have a specific and wonderful meaning for all of humanity and it’s call towards ascension.

I was shown how we could end homelessness, stop generational trauma, abuse, domestic violence, and where everyone on this planet could evolve and we could experience oneness and peace. It was beautiful and inspiring. And when I asked God, “Why me?” the response I got was, “If I came to you all at once and said you would do this and you are this, you would reject it.” God was correct. Here is a good example God reminded me about what it is like when someone goes to church and still has not found God. Some might like it and other might not.

It starts off with a story, since I am a storyteller. When I lost custody of my son for the first few weeks, I was hurting so bad inside and felt so lost that I had to drink a bottle of wine each night to just fall asleep. I didn’t want to start a bad habit and I wanted help. I had a client that was attending AA meetings and I asked if I could attend a meeting with him. The meeting was okay. The people seemed angry and disconnected. Others seemed to be there to hook-up.

At the end of the meeting, while he was driving me back home, the client bumped me on the arm and said, “That was a good meeting. You want to go grab a beer?” Shocking, right?

Here is how it is similar to church. One goes to church and listens to a great sermon. People shake everyone hands. When they leave the church, most people go about their lives and do not apply the teachings. Churches talk about the concept of God, love, and forgiveness. They are not teaching people how to become the embodiment and essence of love. How to embody forgiveness, the Christ consciousness, or one with God. People are not being held accountable for their actions and behaviors.

They are not being guided to share their stories of how they overcame their rage, fears, guilt, shame, or the lessons God taught them. It is more of an idea and concept than this truth is available for everyone right NOW! That is what master the upper rooms are all about. Explaining the concept and walking one thru the steps to raise their levels of human consciousness so one can become the essence and embodiment of LOVE. To align with Love, have Love be your teacher. It is about facing fear and declaring that fear will no longer be your teacher.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

Modern Text Channeling Divine Love

So, this whole THC overload experience was very confusing for me because I did not know spiritually or religiously what was happening and why it was happening. But it did happen, and I will never be the same person again. The only part I did not appreciate or enjoy was the insomnia, which created chronic fatigue and for me to become manic. It was scary and I discovered this happens a lot of people now that the natural drug has become legalized. People want to hallucinate and get really high but be careful about what you wish for. You could have a really bad trip with increased anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, fearful thoughts, and a psychosis episode.

Plus, when someone grows the plant themselves, they cannot determine the strength like a licensed dispensary. Either way, it did take 30 days of detox once my husband figured out what happened. And of course, I did not want to believe it. It explains why God said to me, “This is going to be a test on your marriage.” Oh boy, was God correct. I was even warned that I would be leaving my husband for 40 days and 40 nights but would be returning home. This was correct as well. Currently, I am still healing and recovering from the whole experience because I was ready to put the undetected narcissist to bed, but what speak to me, said, “No. You can still teach everyone how to shift their consciousness around someone who is stuck in the lower energy vibrational frequencies of anger, fear, shame, guilt, hate, greed, and pride.”

So, I am doing what is being asked of me and I hope you will still listen and be open to the work I am channeling for all of humanity. So, let me show you what I was guided to draw and how Divine Love wants me to explain it for people who have experienced toxic or narcissistic individuals.

master the upper rooms

Master the Upper Room for Ascension

I want you to think about someone you know that is either toxic or narcissistic. This person’s state of human consciousness is below the frequency and vibration of 200. People that exist below the human consciousness of 200 have these traits, behaviors, personalities, and attitudes. They are:

  • Arrogant
  • Rude
  • Angry
  • Evil
  • Vanity
  • Lust
  • Jealousy
  • Perfectionist
  • Overly Competitive
  • Judgmental
  • Hateful
  • Two-Faced
  • Self-centered
  • Self-righteous
  • Demanding
  • Opinionated
  • Fault finding
  • Blame shifting
  • Lie
  • Cheat
  • Fear someone will still their success or power
  • Guarded
  • Hypervigilance
  • Steal
  • Deceive
  • Stuck in shame or humiliation
  • They have a bag of evil tricks (gaslighting, projecting, guilt tripping, back-stabbing, manipulation)
New season three of the undetected narcissist

Fear runs their life. When they lie, it is fear based. When they strive to be perfect, it is fear driven because of fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough, the fear of not be accepted, and/or overly people pleasing. These individuals never grew up and matured from their painful life history. They did not want to find forgiveness, compassion, hope, or understanding, which is all the evolved mature human consciousness thought patterns and frequencies that exist above 200.

Instead, these individuals allow their life history, experiences, and memories to keep them stuck within the lower frequencies of human consciousness. The world is seen as gloom and doom, instead of sunny and bright. Some will become bullies and greedy individuals that want more and more. Some want power so bad that they will start a war to steal from another or prove that they are right, and the other person or country is wrong. They are never satisfied and crave power, status, approval, and wealth.

This is why we have the military and various leaders. Some are honorable, but in today’s society, most are corrupt because the collective consciousness bought into their deception, lies, and empty promises. Now more and more of these lower vibrational individuals within politics are being exposed. This is Divine Love’s work in action to wake up the masses. Saying, “It is time for a change.”

New season three of the undetected narcissist

Then some will become victims of circumstance or allow their life history to define them as a constant victim or failure because that is all they know. Some could be afraid of change or fed the lies that they will never amount to anything in this world. Some have experience trauma, war, natural disasters, community gangs and violence, child abuse, domestic violence, someone bullies them, a family member died, the boss is narcissistic, spouse is cheating, or struggling with self-esteem issues.

They could be struggle with performance anxiety, mental health issues, and hormonal, or chemical imbalance. That is why I want everyone to become trauma informed. Then there can be people that had high expectations and their world came crashing down when those life goal expectations got blow into a million pieces. It is easy to get stuck in the lower vibrational thought patterns below 200. Therefore, these individuals can find themselves stuck in the lower vibrational frequencies of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sadness
  • Victimization
  • Regrets
  • Shame
  • Humiliation
  • Blame
  • Despair
  • Withdrawn
  • Numb
  • Fearful
  • Disappointment
  • Fear
  • Suicidal thoughts

We all have experienced these unpleasant thought patterns and emotions. The only way to find relief or freedom is to shift your perspective, make a choice that is above the energy frequency of 200, align to that choice/feeling/vibration, and take action. Because everything below 200 is disconnection and everything above 200 is connection. And when I say take action, I mean find forgiveness in your heart for yourself, another person, the hurt feelings, the hateful words spoken, or ask for forgiveness because that is the right thing to do when we hurt another person’s feelings when we were wrong and stuck in anger.

There is a new movie out that displays exactly what I am discussing today. The movie is called, I.S.S. If you watch the trailer, you see that the movie is about the United States and Russia forming a base in space where the astronauts form a friendship and relationship. They are all working together in harmony, instead of being enemies. There is no fear, hate, or anger. There was joy, laughter, connection, love, and cooperation. Then they discover that a nucellar war has started and they are torn.

Should they listen to the fear-based government and take control of the space station at any cost or remain peaceful evolved human beings? Will they do the right thing and listen to their hearts, or do they allow fear of not following orders to control their choices and actions? Being Hollywood, it just turns ugly when it could have been an amazing act to preserve humanity, instead of destroying every living life form.

I want to give you an example that I believe everyone can relate to. Let’s say you are in an abusive relationship. You know that you must leave this person. You are stuck in depression, fear, anxiety, financial worries, and regret this relationship failed again. What do you do? Well, in order to leave this abusive person, one must align with anger. Get good and angry because that is fuel to take you even higher into pride. You begin to think that I deserve a better life, better treatment for yourself and/or your children.

So, you move on up to courage, which is 200. Get sick and tired of this abuse. Start to plan your action of escape. You might start saving money, file for divorce, ask friends or family members for help. Then, you realize that it might take you some time to finally leave this person, so you step up to trust and neutrality (250). You become neutral with your situation because you realize that you cannot change this abuse partner. You can only change yourself. When the day arrives to leave this person, you are hopeful (310) that your plan of escape will work.

Now, let’s say your plan worked. You left this person. This is when the real test comes. Can you stand your ground and in your truth? Can you stand in your worth, knowing that you and your children deserve love, acceptance, kindness, patience, and cooperation? Are you addicted to the drama? Have you become addicted to the love bombing attention seeking cries from your ex? Do you now feel guilty or remorse for leaving them? Do you feel too fragile to stand your ground and speak your truth? Is it possible to set healthy boundaries or for the first two months of healing, request no contact?

There are lots of questions and so many choices. It can be challenging to make the right choice when one is struggling from psychological abuse. Can you keep your state of consciousness above 200 or will you allow fear to drag you down below 200 again? That is when guidance and support is needed the most. To keep you above 200 and in your place of power, instead of allowing an abuser to use force, manipulation, and fear to dominate the choices you must make for yourself and your family.

So, let me give you an example of how I used master the upper rooms around the subject of my THC experience. At first, I was in denial. I did not want to believe that my husband would make such a stupid mistake. My ego thought, I have a reputation. I am a respected and professional person. It could have caused serious damage to my brain, nervous system, and body. I thought, “Love would not do that to someone!” Yet, I had to realize that my level of love does not match my husbands because he does not strive to be one with the essence and frequency of love. Only I do. So, I had to stop comparing and trying to find blame in his stupid mistake of giving me the Jesus Juice.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

Then I had to come to terms with the fact and truth that he had to be the one to bust me spiritually wide open. I would have not willingly done that to myself without professional supervision. I had to accept and make peace with the truth that there are no mistakes in the Universe, and everything happens for a reason – the good and bad life experiences. Divine Love or if one prefers the name God, picked him to awakening me into teaching the world how to master the upper rooms.

Next, I had to make peace and find forgiveness for the people who spoon-fed him fearful thoughts about me to my husband. That was a moral blow and wound because I never once, at my lowest point, lied, steal, destroy, vandalized, hurt, harmed, or threatened another. Those behaviors, traits, and personality characteristics does not exist within someone that lives in the upper room of Love.

The sad truth is his friends and family members believed I was that person, but I am not. I still had morals, values, integrity, and compassion. Even when some people wanted me to lie and tried to feed me fearful advice, I would not do it. I kept saying to myself over and over again, “What would love do?” All I heard was to wait and give yourself time to heal. So, I did.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

I had to also take a look at my friends and family. Every day, I had to psycho-analyze myself and examine my thought patterns, choices, attitude, and behaviors. For example, sleep became an issue. I was having nightmares and stress dreams. I became afraid of the dark. Then I would wake up with extreme anxiety. I realized that my brain sought to link to past traumas from my childhood. Finding similarities to what my mom experienced when she left my father.

Therefore, I had to find ways to calm and quiet the anxiety without allowing fear to dominate my mind, heart, and soul. It was work and I was determined to recover and heal. What helped me quiet my anxious mind was to listen to meditation music or a spiritually enlightening audio book of someone talking. I also took natural supplements for anxiety and insomnia. I also had to slow down my brainwave patterns and talk to my inner child and heal her even more. All this took time, commitment, patience, and self-love.

Even when I displayed escape behaviors and wanted to just play my online game, I allowed myself that time to escape. Why? I felt lost inside. Daily, I struggled with focus and concentration. There were moments that I had zero motivation because I felt numb inside and afraid at the same time. My world was shattered into tiny pieces. I thought the painting ‘Healing‘ by Akiane was about healing the world. It was about healing myself.

An interesting fact God revealed to me is how to comprehend and understand Akiane paintings. Sister Mariam and I knew there was a hidden message in the Triumph painting, but I had no idea that it was linked to my spiritual awakening because I did exactly what appeared her Triumph and Welcome painting during my spiritual awakening. After I completed Triumph and Welcome, God explained various paintings of Akiane to me and how they do align with his calling for me to teach master the upper rooms. All I can say is when I came back home, five weeks later, God said there was another hidden image in the Triumph painting that I needed to find to confirm that what I experienced was not crazy, but a prophecy within the painting. So, I will post it within this blog post.

Within the painting, Triumph, one can see a white hand coming down. There is a red hand reaching up to take the white hand of light. Next to the white hand of light is an image of a woman. The woman has long, flowing straight hair. I have long, straight flowing hair. When I saw the image once I returned to home, God spoke. He said, “This was prophesied and proof of the gift you gave to me and my beloved son.” That is the image of me. Because right after I took the red hand up to God and I saw the Kingdom of Heaven before me, I said, “Welcome, welcome home. Go see your father now. I love you and thank you for this opportunity to support you.” All I can say is it was a wild ride and I still have so many questions.

Plus, when I now listen to any of Paul Selig’s channeling books, all the answers to human ascension are there within each book, staring everyone in the face; especially me. It all aligns with what God wants me to teach. The missing key was the visual image and explanations of how to master the upper rooms. You see, God speaks to various people all around the world. It does not make me special or any of us special. We have just learned to listen and to humbly allow and follow God’s grace to support humanities evolution.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

Now, it took two months to heal my relationship with my husband. I am still working on it, but the pain, rejection, abandonment, broken trust, sadness, despair, anger, humiliation, and heartache has ended because I was determined to heal. I refused to stay traumatized by the experience of living in a hotel for 5 weeks. My PTSD was triggered and reactive. It makes sense now that I understand master the upper rooms. PTSD lives in the lower frequency thought patterns below 200 and PTSD in remission exists above 200 because you have to align with courage in order to heal oneself.

The only way for me to heal was to take my experience with my husband and examine each situation from a higher level of consciousness. The biggest one, which my husband thanked me for how I was able to shift the homeless experience. You see, my husband could have been a complete asshole. We were homeless for five weeks and he could have not supported us. He paid for our hotel, food, gas, etc. The truth is, he could have done nothing, but he still loved me. He felt bad about what happened and tried to do the right thing. He admitted he listened to bad advice, which lead to the bad choices. One cannot take back to past, but having the courage (200), wisdom (400), and hope (310) was what saved our marriage.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

He could have not accepted responsibility for what he did. He could have been stuck in guilt, shame, regret, and humiliation. To embarrassed and ashamed to confess that he was responsible for what happened. I know he was stuck in humiliation because he did not tell anyone why I went crazy. He just told them that I went crazy.

At first, this fact pissed me off and I demanded that he explain why. I mean he made the Jesus Juice, and I trusted him. I demanded he do the right thing. This is an act of maturity. A person who is not willing to grow up and do the right thing is still stuck in the lower pattern of human consciousness. He did explain what happened, but like most people, some are still skeptical and that’s okay. It is not my job to prove my worth to another. This is about my relationship with myself.

My next step is to heal and shift my perspective around the ugly gossip and false beliefs people have about me. I realize that maybe those people are speaking from their own life experiences or stories they have heard. Again, I do not live or vibrate at those lower energy thought patterns and behaviors.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

And lastly, what helped me heal quickly was God knew that I needed to align with love again. I did not feel affection towards my husband when I first came home. I was too mad and afraid. Therefore, I cling to an animal for affection and love. Think of an animal as a service animal of love. If you have heard me speak about Warrior, the cat that is blind in one eye and has been homeless for years, well we bonded big time. The second day when I returned home, my love for him was so overwhelming that I picked him up for the first time. I just held him and snuggled with this dirty, smelly, wet soaked cat.

All he did was love me back because of the bond I established once I moved to my husband’s property. Since I could pick him up, I took him inside the house and put him in my office. It was amazing, like he was waiting for this opportunity for months. Because he did not cry or try to escape. He sat in my lap, purred, snuggled, and took a nap. That is love in action. We both worked on loving and healing each other.

Now, he knows that he has a home here. He talks to me all the time, comes and goes, but always returns home to me with a warm meow and a warm heart. And I must confess that I was afraid at first to let him back outside once the rain, snow, and ice storm vanished. I just told myself, love is unconditional and if he wants to live outside, so be it. It will not change my love for this wonderful animal.

Now, let’s talk about the flip side. Some people will immediately jump into anger, insults, shame-based comments, and will think I am stupid, or my husband is stupid. Those opinions do not matter. Those people are not my audience. My audience is people that want to evolve consciously and spiritually. Divine Love wants all of us to stop acting and thinking like small spoiled self-righteous immature children. We are created out of light and love.

Therefore, we are light and love. We have never been less than. Some just lost their way and believed that they were not worthy of God’s grace because of their actions and choices. Others have had a seed planted within their minds through their life history that God is a tyrant, evil, not forgiving, and we are all sinners. Some people are taught to fear God. Fear was planted within the mind as a tool of control, manipulation, and compliance.

One waters the seed that has been planted or they pluck it out. If you pluck it out, then for some, God does not exist because the person doesn’t want to accept an evil God. So, they cling to spirituality. Again, that can be a trap. You seek enlightenment, but when you seek what you don’t have, you are coming from a place of lack. Enlightenment is here, present in this very moment. You just have to align yourself to the feeling, experience, attitude, ways of living, behaving, and speaking from a state of conscious enlightenment. It is all about presence and being. Become what you seek.

So, for season three of the undetected narcissist, I am going to focus on supporting everyone in shifting their perspective around challenging subject matters that have to do with toxic or narcissistic people. I will use the image, master the upper rooms, as a tool and visual gauge. Just know that the main principle of the master the upper rooms is about taking your history, life experiences, present day situation that linger below the human consciousness frequency of 200 and bring it into the upper rooms above 200. To work on exploring courage, neutrality, trust, hope, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, and eventually love or peace around the subject matters that keep you trapped within fear, anger, or hatred.

The areas we will be exploring is money, relationships, sex, religion, war, education, media, children, arts and entrainment, creativity, government, society, spiritualty, and cultures. And I have to say yes to spirituality because there are too many narcissistic people out there that pretend to be spiritual guru’s and they screw people over or traumatize them.

New season three of the undetected narcissist

The real question is, where do you want to reside and exist within your mind? Love or fear? Anger or peace? Shame or courage? Joy or despair? That is what season three of The Undetected Narcissist will be about. Raising your consciousness so you might be able to shift your outlook or perspective around a painful memory or situation you experienced with someone toxic or narcissistic. My goal is to teach one how to rise above fear, which keeps one trapped in the shadows of darkness. Yet the truth is, when one clings to fear, they attract more fear. It’s a vicious cycle of fake promises and deception. Therefore, I want to bring everyone into the light. I welcome everyone. Even the one’s in doubt.

Again, thank you for listening or reading this blog post. I look forward to bringing more exciting and enlightening content soon. Moving forward, please get yourself a journal. I will be recommending that you write down the questions within your journal for self-exploration and discovery. Then you can use that journal as a tool and proof that you are mastering the upper rooms. You are growing, changing, improving the quality of your life, and rediscovering your authentic self. Next time we will be discussing authentic friendships or disastrous people.

In love and light ~ Angela Myer


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