Miracle of the Heart and Lucifer returns to Heaven.

This is the last part of my experience I will share, and before I do, I am curious if anyone has experienced some aspects that might be similar to mine. So, let’s begin the channeling. Some might believe this story, and others will not. What matters in this story is her truth and realization of what happened. Some have heard of the placebo effect. When one believes something is a miracle pill, this belief holds power and energy. The power to change one’s mind and perception, which in turn changes one’s reality, energy field, and systems.

So, at the end of this story, ask yourself these questions. Could or would your heart do the same things as she did? Because she would respond no if you asked her this question because she believes maybe this is why Tobias was gifted to her. Not many humans would do what she experienced. And when one thinks of the placebo effect, if everyone believed in this story, could it support the creation of a whole new world because Lucifer is no longer the ruler of Mother Earth? What are your thoughts? So, today, we will be discussing the miracle of the heart and Lucifer’s return to Heaven.

Before we begin, she wants to share some information. On October 6th, 2023, a friend asked her a question about being able to communicate with God. She wrote this information down within four minutes.

This information supports the last blog post and podcast. So, the higher one climbs, the closer one gets to God and their Higher Self. Everyone’s Higher Self or Spirit Self lives within one’s heart. Now, before we begin with her experience with Lucifer, we need to discuss “the heart.” Heart Math did a study and found that love synchronizes our hearts with each other and the Earth. This proves the theory that we are all energetically connected. We had her find a YouTube video to support this truth. A link is provided within the blog post.

Heart Math explains the miracle of the heart on YouTube. The heart can sense an event before the brain can perceive it. The heart’s intrinsic nervous system sends information to the brain, affecting how one feels, thinks, responds, and behaves. In fact, the heart sends more information to the brain than the brain sends signals to the heart. Scientists call this the little brain within the heart, energy system, center, or chakra. She likes to call them minicomputers because they collect, store, and hold specific information within the seven different energy systems and fields. The heart can act independently from the brain in one’s head. Its neurons have long-term and short-term memory and extensive sensory capacities. The heart and brain communicate with each other in a sort of complex dance. The Living Matrix movie dives deeper into the concept if anyone is interested. A link is provided.

Now that we have addressed the technical and scientific aspects of one’s heart let’s dive into her experience with Lucifer. In the beginning, she spent several days listening to God. She was a clean slate; this is exactly what God intended for her. God did not want her influenced in any manner that would prevent her from teaching ALL of humanity how to Master the Upper Rooms. During this time period, she learned about the fall, how humans were created out of darkness, how God wants all his children to be Godlike and live within the Kingdom of Heaven, and what God needed from her. Since she was a clean slate, some of the information she received from God was confusing.

From her and Tobias’s perspective, religion was never a positive role model for them, yet they still longed to be One with God. Therefore, she asked questions from people she believed might have read the Bible. Some advice she got was correct, and other advice was inaccurate. Either way, she would not know the difference because she had nothing to reference it to begin with. So, she continued to inquire about the various books she was shown, the building God wanted built, and her role. And when she asked God, “Why me?” God explained he always intended it would be her because he gifted Tobias to her.

At first, she was rather fascinated and concerned. She is concerned about how people would perceive this information, especially since it comes from a woman. All the scriptures talk about man or Jesus coming back to Earth. So, when God requested she reach out to three people for guidance and support per God’s request, the first person she thought of was Sister Miriam. Sister Miriam was puzzled when she tried to explain what was happening and how God requested support. So, she tried to explain the books and teachings, but still, Sister Miriam thought or believed it was not God but the Devil.

This information scared and concerned her. God said that anyone who defies his Laws or Word would end up in a specific book, yet she did not know what God was referring to. Sister Miriam was not a bad person. At the time, she did not know the meaning behind the book, and she did not like the idea or concept of someone being on the naughty list.

Again, she tried to ask for help, but Sister Miriam had a rigid mindset due to her religious practices and beliefs. From a religious standpoint, Sister Miriam did not see her as a good Catholic girl in the eyes of the church, so people would dismiss and disregard her. This is when God warned her that Lucifer would be coming to visit her, and this would be a test of her marriage. These comments shocked her, especially “a test of her marriage,” which everyone knows was a test of her marriage.

Since Sister Miriam was unwilling to listen or provide additional guidance, God warned her that Lucifer would visit her because Sister Miriam was directly turning her back on God’s request. Again, this concept upset her. She thought the concept was rather harsh and maybe God was mistaken. Maybe Lucifer would not show up tonight, she thought.

That night, God prepared her for Lucifer’s arrival. She was guided to do a blind test of three different Saints medals. She picked Saint Archangel Raphael. Raphael’s name means “God Heals.” So, she put the medal around her neck. So, she was hoping that Raphael would protect and heal her.

Once everyone was asleep, she began to sense and feel the shift in energy. She could feel the dark presence within her home. This whole experience was challenging for her because she knew in her heart that her husband would not understand and would not be able to give her the support and comfort she needed during her spiritual awakening. Therefore, She began to pray. Her stomach got upset, and she could not keep her food down. She did not know who to talk to. So, she went online to YouTube and found Psalm 91, a prayer for protection. She played it repeatedly but eventually had to go to bed.

As she lay in bed, she began to shake. It was freezing cold. This is when Lucifer spoke to her. He demanded that she put Sister Miriam’s name within the book God spoke about. She refused to comply. Sister Miriam was a good person, but she was just confused and explained it to Lucifer. Lucifer tightened his grip around her wrists. She begged him to stop hurting her, saying that Sister Miriam was confused and did not know anything better. Lucifer would not loosen his grip. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she felt the darkness surrounding her. She begged for Sister Miriam to be forgiven so Lucifer would go away. Yet, Lucifer was here for a specific reason, and God was present. Lucifer and God both needed her help, yet she was unaware of their intentions. This was a test of purity and commitment because she is the Monad.

Since she was unwilling to allow Sister Miriam’s name to be written in one of God’s books, Lucifer threatened to torture her soul and her son’s soul. Again, she cried and begged for mercy but prayed to God this time. God heard her pleas for help, and the energy within the bedroom shifted as if something energetically important was about to occur.

Then Lucifer did something that shocked and surprised her. He said, “Do for me what you did for your son’s father.” She knew what he was asking of her. She spoke about the book The Little Soul and the Sun in one of her podcasts. Lucifer showed her the book. What she did for her son’s father was the ho’oponopono prayer. She said, I am sorry, please forgive me; I love you and thank you.

This is when Lucifer knew she understood and began to show her his life story. She saw him fall from grace, his horrible actions, and how he was sorry. He was a teenage boy trying to find himself, seeking independence, and he had behavior issues like most teenagers. So, God gave him tough love like most parents do when they have exhausted all their resources and suggestions. God snapped, and Lucifer snapped, and they both regretted their choices and behavior. Like a picture book quickly flashing pages and pages of information, she finally gave up. It was too much to process. She let her heart observe the images because her rational brain could not keep up with the fast pace. It was the ultimate surrender. To trust the process as optimism, transcendence, understanding, and love, all swirled within her beating heart.

What she did next will shock everyone. It even shocks her, and she believes maybe this was Tobias’s main purpose for being placed inside her vessel alongside her soul. Her heart and soul spoke loud and clear. This is when everything got even quieter and calmer because she was no longer crying tears for herself but for God and Lucifer. Both of their hearts had been broken, and this truth was unknown to her. It was a true revelation. She said, “I am so sorry, and I am not afraid of you anymore. I am your friend. Let me help you. I can take you to see your Father. He will understand because if I can forgive you, he can too.” Her heart beamed and swelled with compassion, warmth, love, and joy! She is the phoenix that rises again and again from the ashes.

In her mind’s eye, a long white staircase appeared, leading her down, down into the darkness below. Yet she was not afraid. The bright light of the Holy Spirit surrounded her. She began to descend the staircase, passing down into the darkness below, yet she still was this radiant white light. Lucifer was at the bottom of a staircase in a state of shame. Like most people, one would expect to see an evil, sinister-looking creature, but she only saw a troubled teenager.

In her heart, she could feel his shame, pain, sadness, and despair. She does not like it when God’s children are suffering. Like a loving parent, she extended her hand to him and said, “Come walk with me. I am your friend. I love you because you are the Morning Star, the Light Bearer. You were created out of light, and that same light exists within me. We are one. I cannot hate you. You were created out of love, and you just lost your way. Take my hand and pick up your cross. Walk with me back home.”

The energy within the bedroom remained calm as Lucifer took her hand and walked up the white staircase with her. As they walked, she kept repeating the prayer of I am sorry; please forgive me, I love you, and Thank you. Elaborating each one to hold more meaning, truth, and purpose behind her intentions for returning him to heaven. Keep her promise every step of the way.

She was thankful that she could give this gift to Lucifer and the Creator, God. She was sorry that both God and Lucifer were battling against one another to be the ruler of Earth. All wars must end in Heaven and on Earth. This is when God communicated with her along their journey up the staircase. God shared with her that they needed a human to perform this act of kindness because God could not come down and fetch Lucifer, and Lucifer could no longer fly. He was trapped, and if God was going to create a whole new world for his children on Earth, Lucifer must return to Heaven. Lucifer is immortal; therefore, he cannot die.

When they reached the top of the staircase, she saw long gray and white marble columns and a marble walking path. At the end of the walking path was an open doorway that exuded a bright light. With a smile on her face, she said, “Welcome home. Go see your father. He is waiting for you. I know he will forgive you, and you must forgive him. Thank you for letting me help you. I love you, and I am sorry. I believe everything will be alright. Go now. Welcome home, Satan.”

“My name is not Satan. I am the Morning Star, Lucifer,” he said. Confused, she replied, “I thought that was your name. I am sorry. Please forgive me, Lucifer.” “Satan is no more,” he said. Lucifer was implying that he would no longer go by the sinister name of Satan or the devil. He needed to experience redemption from our savior and Creator.

She watched Lucifer walking down the marble pathway and into the light. As her tears dried, she felt this peaceful serenity fill the entire bedroom. It was such an intense and wonderful feeling. It felt like minutes passed before Lucifer returned to her again. When he appeared in her mind’s eye, he said, “Thank you. I love you, too. Please forgive me for hurting you. I am sorry. I have a gift for you and all of humanity.” He showed her the Earth with this thick two-inch gray film around it. Lucifer said, “I am going to remove the veil now. Everyone created out of darkness and born in darkness will now be exposed to the world.”

Before her eyes, she saw Lucifer take his hand as he began to remove the thick gray veil from the Earth. He kept pulling and pulling until it was completely removed. She felt this warmth, love, and appreciation from Lucifer and God in her heart. She stayed there for a while, and God came to talk to her. He said this to her, which she wrote down.

Message from God – How it is going to be presented to the world. I want to know how many of you who are listening now would be willing to raise your hand to declare the TRUTH that you have never had a temper tantrum in your entire life. If that is a yes, raise your hand, or keep it down for a no answer. Thank you. Now, those of you who are parents, how many of you have gotten so upset at your beloved child of God and lost your patience? You realize nothing you tried worked. You thought, “Maybe they need some tough love. So, you administered tough love, even when it broke your fragile heart.” Raise your hand if you know what I mean.

You see, we are both alike. This is why SHE is here. Not my son died for your sins; her. I was harsh in my punishment. Please forgive me! I love you, my son.

So, I had to find and wait for some child of mine who resides on Earth who was willing to make a massive sacrifice for their soul group (male and female) and who would die in the process of achieving that goal at such a young and innocent age. Born in a female body.

She realizes now that God was searching for a soul like hers. A soul that would allow another soul, such as Tobias’s, to be placed within the same vessel. Because God needed help and support from other beings within and without one’s galaxy, God never intended for Earth to be ruled by Lucifer. This is why we say now is the time to create a whole new world and a Heaven on Earth.

She is getting tired and needs to rest. Before we go and return once again, we would like to have the listeners ask themselves if their hearts could or would do the same as she did because most of the human race would tremble in fear. Fear has been humanity’s teacher, and now the tables must turn. She is interrupting. She will upload images of the writing she dictated during her spiritual awakening to support the listeners. For she knows many will be in disbelief, but this is her truth and story. Yet, she has a request from Lucifer to pass this information along.

Many humans are fascinated with spirits, demons, ghosts, and demonic portals. All of this must stop. The profit games must end, which fattens one’s wallet and brings them fame and success. You know who you are, and so does she.

Therefore, Lucifer requests the ones that toyed with, insulted, mocked, and baited various evil spirits, demons, and entities to stop immediately. All these locations must be blessed and purified if humanity will create a whole new world. Think of it as penance. Evil must be eliminated and removed from the face of Earth. Lucifer will attempt to remove his fallen angels, but humans must stop taunting and profiting off these evil elements. If they do not, God will place judgment upon the wicked that is not willing to support the Creator.

She does not like threats, and we are not making any threats. We are just speaking the truth. The Creator intended his children to be God-like, good, decent people. God does not want his children to starve, suffer, be enslaved, sold, or destroyed. God wants humanity to raise their vibration and Master the Upper Rooms. Becoming ONE with the Creator instead of living in separation. It was intended for all of humanity to live a life of joy, happiness, peace, love, and acceptance. The collective consciousness is in agreement with the Creator’s intentions. There has been enough torture and suffering. The Creator wants everyone to know that it is TIME! (say three times)

For she is not the only one who has spoken to Lucifer. When she was in the healing process, she went online to see if any information would provide a deeper religious or spiritual insight into what she had experienced when she was spiritually awakened. To her shock and delight, she was surprised to discover someone channeled a book titled Lucifer Returns to Heaven. So, she schedule a time to speak with the author. She discovered the author saw Lucifer as a teenager, and when she started to read her book, many of the things Lucifer shared with her were written within this author’s book. When she shared her story with the author, the woman understood why the Creator had chosen her to return Lucifer to Heaven.

In one of Paul Selig’s books, Resurrection, page 15, it is written, “You cannot be ruled by two masters.” Lucifer was the ruler of Earth but is no longer. God is now the ruler of Earth and has been communicating with various people all around the globe. Sending out various energetic thought pattern messages can be collected if one knows how to connect to the collective consciousness and energy field surrounding Earth. God cannot do this alone. That is why God needs humanity’s support. God only has good and loving intentions for all his children. Some humans will fight against it, others will push back or make fun of it, and others will see the wisdom within the teachings. This is not about force, only choices and options.

The next day, after meeting Lucifer, God spoke to her. Gently guiding her to look at Akiane’s painting. She was guided to look at the Triumph painting again. Right next to it was the same exact image she saw when she took Lucifer back home. The painting is called Welcome. Her heart swelled because God said, this is the gift you gave to me. Thank you. Those were the exact words she said to Lucifer, “Welcome Home.” Then, the Creator guided her to look at more images. To her shock and surprise, she saw a painting of Lucifer called Unveiled. God speaks to this painter. Therefore it was predicted that Lucifer would be unveiled and would return home. Lucifer is a teenage boy in this painting. Then, she saw another painting that validated her experience with Lucifer. The painting is called Interdependence.

The title of this painting holds a special meaning because Lucifer depended on her and Tobias to help him return to Heaven. And in the Triumph painting, a red hand is coming up to grab the white hand of light. So, if everyone recalls, at the start of Season Three, she mentions what happened when she returned home. God guided her back to the Triumph painting because there was one more hidden message within it just for her. When God instructed her to look at the hand of light, representing her, God said to her, “That is you. The woman’s face with the long flowing hair. This is you. You gave me this gift, and she painted it long before either of you knew it was destined to happen.”

It is hard to comprehend and explain all this in one massive sitting. The information would overwhelm anyone. This is why we broke it down into sections for the listeners and readers. The mind and soul need time to process, digest, and understand everything. This can explain why everyone is witnessing crazy events around the globe. People who are born out of darkness are being exposed. Globally, the concept and acceptance of war and destruction have changed.

Humanity is getting tired of dictators and the mass destruction of cities, families, homes, and countries. People are waking up because the Evil Veil has been removed. People can now think clearly and think for themselves. The Evil Mind has lost its power and control over various people. People who want to walk in the light instead of being stuck as the small self in the dark. The ones in darkness can feel the shift in energy and consciousness. Soon, their time will be complete because the Creator is making changes as we speak.

Therefore, we advised her to create one last podcast to explain the purpose of how Master the Upper Rooms works in conjunction with the human energy field and energy systems. People wonder why they struggle with money, love, work, career choices, and relationships. Once the blocked or trapped energy is cleared, one will notice a shift in one’s reality and consciousness.

Then, she will move onto a new platform to connect with other like-minded spiritual seekers. We do appreciate everyone’s support and willingness to expand one’s consciousness. Our intentions for keeping her here were to support her in building her confidence and resilience and have her keep her agreement with the Creator and us in raising humanity’s vibration to create a whole new world. Therefore, we are complete. Thank you, and stop now, please.

That was a wild, unpredictable, unexplainable, and surreal experience. It is even harder for me to comprehend, digest, unpack, and process. So, I hope you can see why I am curious if anyone else has experienced something similar. Three different people around the globe have seen Lucifer as a teenage boy. For me, there are too many signs that leave me questioning and seeking answers. I might never know the real answer, but only time will tell the truth. I hope and pray that humanity does raise their consciousness. Our world is concerning right now. There is too much hate, destruction, death, and trauma. And when I say trauma, I mean it is everywhere, and people are becoming numb to it. The wars, homeless people, hate crimes, natural disasters, human trafficking, and just our means to survive.

All this chaos is forcing us to wake up and change. We need one another to survive this chaos. So, if anyone can shed some light on my experience, I would truly appreciate it. For now, I am going to let it go. Why? We have all seen how someone gets so fixated on something that it almost makes them go mad or crazy. That experience enough is so surreal that anyone might go crazy. I have to laugh, and this is a good thing. It means I am ready to let it go. It was just a wild ride, not at Disneyland that I will never forget and, hopefully, fingers crossed, will never experience again. Take care everyone.

In love and light,

Angela Myer

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