Lowest mind perspective vs one’s authentic best self

Have you ever wondered why there are some people we can easily communicate with and others seem impossible? Well today, I intend to enlighten everyone and possibly teach some of you a few new communication tools. Before I do that, I first must explain the differences between the lowest mind perspective vs one’s authentic best self. Taking this approach first will bring about clarity. Clarity allows one the opportunity and ability to shift one’s perspective from an energetic setpoint of weakness into self-empowerment.

lowest mind perspective vs one's authentic best self

Lowest mind perspective vs one’s authentic best self

All of us have a specific set of processes of consciousness. There are perceptions, attitudes, emotions, worldviews, and spiritual beliefs. This can be broken down even further into our relationships with food, ourselves, money, work, hobbies, physical health, life’s purpose, and community. This perception fluctuates going from negative to positive. For example, some of us are taught that the legal system is here to protect us. Others will learn by watching the news or reading various materials that the legal system is broken, therefore it cannot protect everyone. Some might believe only the rich can get away with murder or a crime, but poor people go straight to prison. Then there is life experience and depending upon that experience, negative or positive, it can shift one’s perspective again.

channeling the Christ consciousness

All of this can be considered a good thing or extremely bad. It all depends on one’s human consciousness perspective. If your mindset is generally positive, then it will be a good thing. Yet, if the person is pessimistic, this individual will immediately cling and grab hold of the negative because this is their repeated habitual pattern. The pattern of survival. If you have been following this podcast, back in 2022, I channeled information about mental health and how to better understand trauma and narcissism because everything is woven together. Society accepts and rejects, depending upon everyone’s individual level of comfort and human consciousness. So, let me give you some examples.

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The first example will be a narcissistic wife. I turned this example into an image because it shows the fluctuation between various setpoints and perspectives. The hard part is accepting where one currently stands and having the willingness to change, finally healing from the painful marriage, and personal growth.

lowest mind perspective vs one's authentic best self

So, previously I shared that I casually supported this man in finally forgiving his narcissistic ex-wife in 20 minutes. He had been trying to find forgiveness for over 20 years but was stuck. What kept him stuck was his perception. Like most people, he was stuck in pride and I am sure that the people he spoke with helped to keep him stuck in pride. Since I knew his setpoint, I started to ask questions about his ex-wife. Raising him up into courage to begin to view her and her life experiences from a higher perspective. Once I could tell that he made the shift from pride into courage, I went up into neutrality. Supported him in viewing her life experiences differently, instead of coming from a place of hate and anger like the previous people he spoke with about her.

Once that perspective became acceptable to process and digest, I could tell there was this willingness to accept responsibility for his part in why the marriage would have never survived. It was expectations that wounded him the most. Because we all have expectations, beliefs, ideas, and fairytale stories that have been planted within one’s mind. That is when the setpoint of acceptance at 350 and reason at 400 was so easy to achieve. Plus, I could tell he was ready. Ready to lift this heavy weight from his heart. Once the stone was removed from his heart, he could find forgiveness and laughed at how simple it was. Just by shifting his perspective from a place of feeling weak to self-empowerment.

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Since that shift in perspective was so easy to achieve, he became curious about his other experiences in dating women. Again, he was stuck in pride. So, I created another image to support the different approach in how to shift one’s perspective from pride to reason and love. The key point is he was open and willing. He could have dug in his heels and been stuck in demand, denial, and agitation, yet he was eager to listen and learn. Again, it was expectations, ideas, and false beliefs that kept him trapped, heartbroken, and alone. Rigid ways of thinking, acting, and behaving would keep anyone stuck.

lowest mind perspective vs authentic best self

Now, let’s explore the person I worked with who was unemployed. Again, there is an image within the blog post displaying the various degrees of human consciousness. At the time, this man was stuck in grief at 75. I could have walked him up the steps into courage, but some of those lower steps can have a hidden sinkhole. Let me explain this further. We have seen movies where someone inspires a person into action, which instills this person with courage, but most do not raise their consciousness to forgiveness and reason because the inspiring person does not reside upon these steps.

Therefore, with all the best intentions, someone stuck in grief can jump up into courage, but slide back down into desire. Desire can lead a person down the path of greed and vengefulness. Pride takes over and it is payback time. Hurt people hurt people. Even though a solution was found, it was not the best solution to create harmony 350 and release 250 of the inner pain and turmoil.

The problem this man faced was that his family and peers all lived below 200. Stuck in survival, instead of self-empowerment. Everyone felt like a victim and that victim mentality wanted him to accept that this was his fate, when in reality that perception was just an illusion of the truth that exists behind the shadows. He needed someone to guide him and show him that there were healthier options available to him.

lowest mind perspective vs one's authentic best self

Different Mindset Perspectives

The last example I will give is about a homeless person. On May 20, 2022, I posted a podcast titled, When We Stop Being Human. That experience disturbed me because I was coming from the human conscious level of Love and the law enforcement phone operator was coming from the perspective of shame, grief, and fear. Why this homeless person aligned with my energy field is because deep down inside his heart desired compassion, acceptance, kindness, and support. He clearly needed help, but the people around him in society did everything in their power to avoid eye contact.

Out of sight, out of mind mentality. That is the key point. When one is living and existing below 200, it is all about survival and the self. There is no room for another person because this person is just stuck trying to survive another day. So, in a way, we do become non-human towards other people. Living in one’s imaginary bubble, isolated, alone, and unhappy.

The truth is, as a species, we cannot survive this way. That is why humanity is being called to our level of human consciousness. For when one lives in the upper rooms, there is a sense of connection, instead of separation. There is peace, harmony, cooperation, kindness, wisdom, and acceptance. That is why we are being called at this time to go within ourselves. Discover what is holding us back from being our authentic best selves. And when we achieve this goal, it will have a ripple effect. Because this one person is part of the collective consciousness.

Plus, when one reaches 350, one will experience transcendence. Transcendence means one has gone beyond normal limitations and boundaries. Moving beyond your physical survival needs and reality. When someone has a transcendent experience, this person will move beyond their individual ego-sense of who they are and now this person can perceive themselves and others differently. As a result, the transcendence experience can help someone feel connected to the world around them and to find a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Every life matters. The more the collective consciousness rises the more humanity will start to see a shift within our community, society, politics, and world. People will desire to release (250) the painful ways of the past and will seek positive, hopeful (310) solutions to change. People set an intention to change in a positive manner, instead of going backwards and repeating history.

the upper rooms

And we have done this and will continue to do this. Ending slavery, human trafficking, equality, women’s rights to their bodies, homelessness, clean water, fair housing, and wages. The only way to achieve these goals is to shift one’s perspective step by step. Viewing every situation from a higher perspective and creating a positive change for the whole of humanity.

Why we cannot see eye to eye with another person

So, this is why at times we cannot see eye to eye with another person. The other person is stuck in pride, guilt, shame, or fear. Rigid in their ways of thinking, acting, and behaving. Which brings me to the subject of denial. Denial can be so confusing for the other person. Leaving this person to question reality.

The problem is when someone has dug their heels into pride, denial in some manner is their savior. Saving them from shame, humiliation, judgment, guilt, remorse, disappointment, and being perceived as evil. This person will do everything in their power to avoid those unpleasant feelings, thoughts, and emotions. So, this explains why this person will attempt to gaslight or project their internal wounds upon another person. The reality is too painful and scary to face. Denial is their savior and friend.

That is why timing is everything when it comes to shifting one’s human perspective. When someone is overwhelmed with fear because change and courage seem impossible to reach, just sit with them until they calm down. Be patient and present. And then there might come a time when one must accept (350) that this is where this person exists and chooses to remain. Life is a process and a journey.

Can one make peace with this fact and still love this person? Some can and others cannot. When one learns how to master the upper rooms we can love someone, but not like them. This is a difficult concept for some to grasp. How can one love a person and not like them? Most people believe or think that the only way to love someone is to love everything about them, or nothing at all. Black and white mindset.

master the upper rooms

For example, I love my father and do not like the man. I honor and respect him as my father and I honor and respect myself. The problem is he does not honor and respect me in return. He is stuck in anger and pride. His perspective of love is distorted and conditional. Since he does not like or agree with my perspective and boundaries, he wants nothing to do with me. Now I could be stuck in grief or sadness, feeling rejected, but I have a choice in the matter. Will I allow this person to make me feel bad about myself and my life choices, or will I rise above it? I choose to rise above it. Accepting him for who he is and how he lives his life. This is unconditional love, not conditional love.

Did this happen easily for me? The answer is No. Like most people, I struggled and took it personally. I tried to please someone that I could never please because it would mean destroying myself in the process. Giving up on my hopes and dreams. Living a life that was not designed to bring me happiness or joy. I had to choose me because this is my life, not his. Once I viewed our relationship from a higher perspective, I no longer took things personally. I could find forgiveness and self-love.

lowest mind perspective vs one's authentic best self

That is why some people can remain friends with their exes and others cannot. It is all about perspective. Just because the relationship did not work out does not mean this person should be discarded or shunned from society. There are joyful memories and good times. Not everything was doom and gloom. So, instead of clinging to the negative memories, cling to the ones that bring you peace of mind instead of disappointment. You can be grateful that the relationship is over, instead of stuck in anger that the relationship was a disaster. One part as friends, instead of enemies.

So, I hope this information has shed light on different ways of communicating and human consciousness. Thank you for listening or reading this material on the lowest mind perspective vs one’s authentic best self.

In love and light,

Angela Myer


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