It’s a whole new uplifting world

It’s a whole new uplifting world, or is this another gimmick or fantasy story? It can be a whole new uplifting world or not. Everyone has a choice, purpose, and path in life. Some are eager and excited, while others are skeptical and want to see if our world can change. Because everyone’s energy impacts the world daily. Some might have heard the saying or phrase, change your energy, change your life. This concept is scientifically proven because each level of human consciousness has an energetic element ranging from destruction to enlightenment. Therefore, we have a good example to share with everyone.

The book, The Hidden Messages in Water revealed that human thoughts influence and impact the energetic elements of water. When one sends hateful and destructive energetic thought patterns to water, the water becomes toxic. Yet, when one sends positive, loving energetic thought patterns to water, the water transforms into beautiful snowflake patterns. There is even an image of polluted water before and after a prayer. Images of this truth are displayed in the blog post. Up to 60% of the human body is water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water. To create a whole new uplifting world, one will need the courage to examine how toxic or liberated one’s inner and out world has become over time. So, let’s unpack it’s a whole new uplifting world.

To unpack this concept of how humans can create a whole new uplifting world, we first are guiding her to share a story that the majority of humans sympathize with, and others are stuck in the dark. At first, she was hesitant to share this story. It is in her nature not to argue or disagree with us but to seek wisdom behind the instructions. Therefore, we appreciate how she always did as we asked in the past because she first needed to comprehend the value and purpose within and behind each story we guided her to discuss. So, with deep respect and love for humanity, she will share this important life lesson and story.

We need to discuss religion. Our desire to to support humanity as a whole and this includes religion. Religion is a business. Some would disagree, but this is true. There is a reason why religion is on the decline and it has to do with this one area of concern that humans do not like to discuss or take out of the dark closet.

We must be transparent here. Numerous humans have expressed an uncomfortable feeling when someone claiming to be a child of God is standing on their soap box and preaching God’s word. This approach of converting sinners comes from a place of force. The individual can hear and feel it, yet the holy person continues to force God’s Word upon someone who does not want God shoved down their throat. This leads us to Sister Miriam.

When Sister Miriam and the other nuns were relocated because the convent was closing, Sister Miriam found it challenging at first. It was encouraged and engrained in every nun to try to convert as many people to the Catholic faith as possible. This would mean handing out flyers or booklets. This concept and idea was instilled into Sister Miriam and in her mind, she thought that she was being helpful. Therefore, Sister Miriam placed flyers and booklets in the apartment lobby. Then one day she went door to door in her new apartment building, introducing herself and handing out booklets. Well, she did not get the response she expected. It was heartbreaking because she had the purest of intentions.

In her tears of sadness and confusion, she called her only friend outside of the convent. She explained what happened and how she felt. It was hard to hear how she felt so alone, friendless, sad, and in despair. She questioned why God was doing this to her. In her mind, she planned to die in the convent and to have her body resting alongside the other nuns. Now, she felt like she had no home. In some manner, she felt like God was punishing her. After Sister Miriam vented her frustrations, she asked for her spiritual advice.

Now depending on one’s religious or spiritual beliefs, the response might be the same or different. When one is handing out booklets and flyers to random strangers, one has to stop and inquire about the motives and intentions behind the actions. Is there a vibe of free will, we embrace and accept all of God’s children or not? If one’s religion creates separation, then not all of God’s children are welcome. This would mean anyone who is not within the same religion, has different sexual preferences, or gender-specific preferences is not welcome. These people are immediately labeled and disregarded. Then others within the congregation are encouraged to do the same. To reject the person and abandon all hope. This is not what our Creator wanted for his children when religion became a business.

So, this is the spiritual advice Sister Miriam was given. First, she expressed how she realized her intentions were pure and innocent. She was doing what was taught by people within the church. Now she is in the real world. People have free will and attending church is an option, not a requirement. Most respectfully, what happened was the people within the apartment complex felt and believed that God and religion were being forced upon them. They were not seeking God’s support. It was assumed that they needed to be saved because they were either sinners, did not attend church, or needed to be reminded that they might have turned their backs on God. This entire mindset and approach comes from judgment and force, not love. This explains why people are avoiding her and the apartment manager asked that she remove the booklets from the lobby.

Now, at first, Sister Miriam jumped down into shame. It never entered her mind the flip side of the perspective. She was not taught by the church to consider the flip side. Just like Jesus said, they do not know or cannot see the errors of their ways. Remember, religion is a business. The more members that join the church means more profit. So, she went on talking because she did not desire or want Sister Miriam to stay stuck in shame and humiliation. She realized that Sister Miriam’s intentions were pure and instead of looking at your current situation as a form of punishment by God, look at it as an opportunity to still do God’s work, but in a different manner.

For she did understand that Sister Miriam had been a nun for almost 20 years of your life. We showed her how when Sister Miriam preached God’s word and worked within the community, and in the past, everyone went out as a group. All of this is preplanned and people within the community are expecting the nun’s arrival. Since she sought clarification, she asked, “Am I correct?” She said, yes. “So, everyone who is expecting the nun’s arrival is positive, correct?” Again, she agreed.

Then she went on to say, think of someone that went off to war. They do as they are told by their superior officers and at times, the flip side is not discussed. For example, how will these people feel with Americans invade their land, barking orders, and overstepping a person’s free will? War changes people and when they come back home, it is challenging for the veteran to relate to other humans. Even this flip side of coming home is rarely discussed. So, people stuff down the painful memories and emotions and resentment builds.

How this compares to your situation is the church most likely did not discuss how this form of converting sinners makes the other person think or feel. It is the unspoken messages behind the main message that hurts and wounds these people the most. And some might believe that one is saving this person, but did this person initially ask to be saved? Most likely this person did not ask to be saved. So instead of uplifting this person, the individual was reminded that they are not good enough or a bad person without God in their lives.

Think of Jesus. He was a living example of what God wanted for all his children. We all know he was the presence and being of love, peace, pure consciousness, acceptance, hope, faith, and wisdom. He was never about separation, judgment, or force. He knew everyone had their unique path and timing. What made him so powerful was his presence and being. Everyone could hear, see, experience, and feel a difference in his presence. All were welcome. So, you walked into an apartment complex alone where everyone was welcome, and an earthquake happened. The earthquake was not welcomed or appreciated.

Now repairs are needed because there is a lesson in this teaching. What needs to happen is first forgiveness towards yourself and for perceiving the apartment tenants as needing God in their lives. People should stop making assumptions because when we make an assumption, we can make an ass out of ourselves. I am sure there are tenants in your complex that do not have God in their lives and others do. And the ones that do have God in their lives do not feel the need to be saved or reminded that the world is full of sin or sinners. Just become the presence and being of Jesus.

So, when you see someone in your apartment complex feeling uneasy in your presence, apologize. Tell them that the pattern has been on auto-piolet and you realize your error in judgment. Tell them that you would like to be friends without the need to discuss God regularly. People respect honesty and sincerity.

When it was explained to her that this approach was coming from a place of force instead of inspirational free will, she got it. I shared with her that when someone asks for advice, give when it is asked. Stop having the mindset that everyone is a sinner and must be saved. Just be the essence of LOVE in the presence and being. Be the living example of Divine Love and people will see, feel, and hear this loving truth. To create a whole new uplifting world, everyone, including religion, must embrace and accept all God’s Children. This will be challenging for some individuals who are stuck in pride, greed, profit, and judgment. To become one with our Creator, one must release all the small self behaviors, attitudes, patterns, beliefs, and ways of treating one another.

We realize that we need to continue this discussion on religion because some readers or listeners need more clarification and understanding. We have never been against religion. What we are not in agreement with is how various individuals and the keyword is individuals, abused God’s Word as a form of submission, torture, brainwashing, financial profit, and power. Religion has saved lives and uplifted one’s consciousness and spirit. There are many wonderful passages and scriptures, but we no longer live in a time that vibrates or aligns with some of the old teachings. As a species, humans have evolved and will continue to evolve until it’s a whole new uplifting world. For this was God’s intention for all of his children.

The best way we described it to her is to think of the Shakespearean time. The use of words and sentence structures was completely different from the modern manner in which humans communicate with one another today. Some people talk in code or slang. Imagine Shakespeare communicating with a laid-back surfer dude. It might be challenging for them to comprehend each other when one can get mixed messages in communication.

Currently, religion is struggling because more and more people are gravitating towards spirituality, instead of religion. It has to do with free will. More and more people are avoiding religious practices and beliefs that have rigid requirements, rules, expectations, thought patterns, beliefs, and practices that do not align with a person’s free will. Eventually, the truth comes out and various individuals are exposed when a religious figure falls from grace. Making religion appear corrupt or a broken system. We say it is not the fault of the specific religion, just the individual within the religious organization. It is hard to turn a blind eye when someone is claiming that they are one with God, yet conducting themselves in a manner that God would never approve of or imagine. People cannot help but notice the truth and people will talk. This brings us to our next example.

Some of the nuns were cruel and unkind to Sister Miriam and this confused her. Yet, many of these women did not Master the Upper Rooms and their Christ Spark was not complete. There was nobody to guide them or direct them into understanding the importance of how one becomes one with God. Prayer and devotion are not enough. One must become God-like within and to some this would be considered a sin to compare oneself to God, but it is not. Our Creator intended all his children to become and embody the essence and vibration of Divine Love. To act, speak, behave, and treat one another in the same manner our Creator would treat us. With compassion, understanding, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance, and grace.

This might be hard to comprehend, but when Sister Miriam inquired about the decline of nuns and why are people no longer becoming nuns, she was not surprised by our response. When various women decided to become nuns in the 1800’s and 1900’s, a good majority of the women did not become nuns because God was calling them. For some, it was decided for them by family members or a religious advisor. Others did not want to get married and becoming a nun was a form of survival during those harsh times. Then some women needed to escape an abusive home environment or way of living. The point is, that the majority of women who still resided as nuns all struggled with unresolved trauma from their past. Becoming a servant of God was a form of escaping the harsh world and seeking refuge as a nun.

Since the decision to become a nun could have been perceived from a mindset of force, then this angry individual in the position of calling themself a nun could on occasion use their force upon another person in the name of God. This is not what God intended, yet it explains why anyone in a position of holy status should treat others in a Godly manner, instead of a forceful abusive manner.

This is one of the challenges humans face. People in positions of Godly authority, control, influence, and status can still be stuck in the small self-lower vibrational thought patterns, behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes. Marvin Gaye’s father, who was a preacher is one good example. Religion is not completely to blame, it’s the individuals representing God who believe they are one with God and they are not. This is why various religions have a bad reputation or status. It is not the fault of the religion, but the individuals claiming, believing, and pretending to be one with God and an innocent person gets wounded, confused, or manipulated. We have seen or heard stories of holly individuals who are still judgmental, arrogant, stuck in black-and-white thinking patterns and behaviors, and angry about how people do not follow God’s word. They have yet to achieve the presence and being of Divine Love.

To become one with God, one must learn to align with and raise their energetic thought patterns that match Divine Love and Jesus. Aligning and becoming a courageous person. Then become a trustworthy person and eventually someone who embodies all the qualities of an inspiring, hopeful, faith-driven, merciful, accepting, forgiving, patient, loving, and peaceful human being. And this must be applied to all areas of one’s life. Meaning, our relationship with self, other people, the world, and external and internal situations. God is in all things and has been misrepresented numerous times. Because God does not take sides and declare one religion is better than another. Our Creator does not declare which religion will go to Heaven and which will not. That is why we say religion has become distorted and manipulated by various individuals in positions of power, influence, control, and status.

Religion can become great again, yet in a manner that allows free will to all its disciples. Because teaching the church disciples how to become one with God is essential. People want to be good human beings, but some do not know how. There is no school or course on how to become a good human being. One believes and the keyword is believed, that one is a good person when they are one with God. This is true, but many of the individuals who preach God’s word have not become one with God yet themselves. They are still going through the motions and seeking God’s approval. One must become what one seeks.

This means that one must practice and become one with each level of human consciousness above 200. One must master courage at 200 to speak their truth. To stop the self-sabotaging thought patterns, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs. Having the courage to follow their dreams and listen to their higher self-guidance. Learning to agree to disagree when someone is trying to make one break and bend when courage is being activated. To not give in to the temptation of lying, cheating, gossiping, undermining, guilt trips, judging, shaming, or belittling another human being. It takes courage to rise above the small self-survival tactics and games.

Once courage has been achieved and one can stand in their truth, life will present other growth opportunities. One must learn to release the old ways of thinking, acting, behaving, and believing around various subjects. For example one’s connections and relations. If we unpacked this category it would include one’s primary relationships, family, social, community, coworkers, employer, preacher, neighbors, animals, and friends. Life is full of growth opportunities and when life presents an opportunity for growth, one must stop and make a choice. A choice to become the small self during a challenging situation or not. Can one stay neutral at 250 and see both sides of the challenging situation? Or does one fall down the staircase and the same old destructive patterns and beliefs repeat themselves?

God does test us all to see if one is ready to overcome our human life challenges. Our Creator is also here to support us and guide us along the journey of life. We just have to ask, which is prayer, and allow what we seek to manifest into our day-to-day reality. When one cannot overcome those challenges because fear and self-doubt are blaring warning bells of a survival threat, God is still present and patient. In seasons one and two, God tested her several times. She even realized these divine tests and shared them with the world. Each test was an opportunity for growth, self-reflection, transformation, and revelation.

This brings us to why we wanted to discuss religion today. Generations ago, religion brought people together in a manner that spirituality did not. It raises the vibration of one’s spirit and community. Faith and religion can bring and give hope to those who have lost their way in life. It presents the opportunity for individuals to improve their lives by practicing God’s word and teachings. People have become reformed and given a sense of meaning and purpose within this world. Religion has done a great deal of good to and for this world.

Yet in the eyes of God, the creator, there has never been a separation of his children. Every religion is praying to the same God or Creator. One religion is not better than another. And as Sister Miriam put it, religion is about scripture, reading the Bible, and the old teachings. Spirituality is about prayer, faith, and becoming one with God by mastering the upper rooms of human consciousness and fully activating one’s complete Christ Spark within.

So this means that one can be a master of knowing all the scriptures, passages, and verses, but can still be stuck in the prideful small self. Because religion has become their step up into courage as their sounding box. This person feels a sense of pride, power, status, and authority. Yet, this person has a choice as all humans do. To become a religious figure that preaches and teaches oneness or separation. Does this individual practice what they preach behind closed doors or not?

This is why religion continues to decline. Churches need to do some serious house cleaning. Because it can become easy to comprehend who has mastered the upper rooms and who has not. Listen to their words. Do they speak words of forgiveness, compassion, mercy, acceptance, wisdom, and love? Do their words match their actions?

Next, observe their actions, thought patterns, and beliefs. Do they align with the Word of God or do they not? Does this religious figure present themselves in a loving, supportive, compassionate, inspiring, and forgiving manner? Yes, no, or sometimes? Has this person at times been stuck in anger, blame, pride, criticism, judgment, shame, guilt, or bitterness towards another person or another religion? Is their main focus on money, instead of transforming lives? The people of each church organization should have a say, opinion, and vote on who would be the best person to lead the congregation. One must ask the question, Is this practice taken into account or not?

We want her to look up some information online from Google. “In May 2023, 31% of U.S. adults said they attended church in the past seven days, remaining below the 34% measured before the pandemic and the 40% measured in most years before 2013.

What is the number one reason people don’t go to church? Among self-identified Christians, the predominant reason that non-churchgoers offer for not attending worship services is that they practice their faith in other ways. Upwards of four in ten (44%) say this is a very important reason for not going to church more often.

What is the #1 largest religion? Current world estimates for 2023

Christianity2.382 billion31.0%
Islam1.907 billion24.9%
Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist1.193 billion15.58%
Hinduism1.161 billion15.2%

This is a very good point. People desire free will. They want to practice their faith in a manner that gives them hope, trust, meaning, a sense of loving purpose, joy, peace, and oneness. These are all human consciousness thought patterns, behaviors, attitudes, and ways of living that vibrate in accord with the Creator’s plan for his children. Even someone who is not religious can find their way to becoming one with the Creator through spirituality or nonreligious practices. So, if someone tells another person that the only way to God is by becoming a Christian, that statement is false. That statement creates separation, instead of oneness.

Words hold power and meaning. At times a specific word can hold a different meaning, which can either be perceived as a positive or negative word. Let us give you an example. She purchased a book that a Christian friend recommended she read to get a modern-day perspective on Jesus since she has no desire to read the Bible. The book was called, Jesus Always – 365 Devotions. What did not vibrate with her or Tobias is the word ‘righteous’. To them, this word is negative. Narcissistic individuals are arrogant and righteous. In her mind, God is not righteous, demanding, harsh, and cruel.

Yet when she struggled with this word, she replaced it with a word that meant the same thing in her mind as the word ‘righteous’. The word we selected for her was ‘complete’. This is what God desired for all his children – to become complete in mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Therefore, the word righteous in the Bible means, “In its deeper spiritual meaning, righteousness is the quality of being right in the eyes of God, including character (nature), conscience (attitude), conduct (action), and command (word). Righteousness is, therefore, based upon God’s standard because He is the ultimate Lawgiver (Isaiah 33:22).”

We must point out that the words ‘deeper spiritual meaning’ stood out for us. Spirituality is the way to God, not just religion. Because religion is just reading the scriptures and passages. Spirituality is the movement forward, shifts in human consciousness, raising one’s vibrational setpoint, and intentions to become what one seeks. Therefore, spirituality is the key to the Kingdom of Heaven. When one is complete in the eyes of God, this includes their conduct, character, attitude, words, and presence. What matters most is to ask oneself this question, “Did the word righteous deter you from following a religious practice?” We ask this question because Tobias and her would say, “Yes.” That is why she chose a spiritual path instead of the traditions her family practiced.

Because she was raised by the Christian and Catholic faith, yet saw individuals memorizing the scriptures, Bible, and passages, but their actions did not match the Word of God. The individuals were stuck in arrogant pride and righteousness. Therefore, these individuals were not one with God because they continued to lie, cheat, steal, abuse, manipulate, and hide their true nature behind the mask of pretending to be holy, when in fact they were not. It was a fantasy and not a reality.

Some religions preach that the way to God is only through Jesus and we say, “This is no longer truth.” Mastering the upper rooms is a road map to becoming complete with God because you have been granted access to the Kingdom of Heaven by your complete commitment to becoming one with Divine Love our Creator, the Christ Consciousness, which is Jesus, and one with all that is within this Universe.

Therefore in the book, ‘Jesus Always’ stated this Bible passage. John 14:6, Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” This was a truthful statement when Jesus was alive and walked on Earth. Once he was gone, many humans were still lost. People still needed a positive role model. Currently, this is no longer a true statement. In this time within history and generation, humans have the ability and opportunity to become one with God through spirituality, bypassing religion if one chooses. That is why we say learning to Master the Upper Rooms is a spiritual teaching of how to free one’s mind, spirit, and heart.

Today, everyone has the opportunity and ability to create within and without a whole new uplifting world. By exploring what keeps one stuck in the shadows and what encourages one to stand in the light. Exploring one’s shadow side can be liberating, fascinating, and educational. We say, it is just information and the information does not have to define a person. It does not have to be branded into your skin and warn as a sign or symbol that in the past this person was abused, struggled with addictive behaviors, or hurt another human being.

Humans make judgment errors, not mistakes. Using the tools within the upper rooms and steps grants one the opportunity and choice to transform their life. To be reborn, renewed, and innocent again. Free from the expectations, rules, requirements, and limitations of another person or one’s rigid beliefs. It’s all about a choice and the road map has been revealed.

So, whatever religious or spiritual path one decides to take to become one with their Creator is perfectly acceptable. Because the path is lined with release, trust, hope, acceptance, forgiveness, patience, and love. It can take weeks, months, or years. All that matters is one stays on the path upward, instead taking the low road into the lower vibrational thought patterns, attitudes, and behaviors of the small self. In time, the collective consciousness will have a whole new uplifted world for all of humanity to enjoy and celebrate.

So, before we go, we want to give the listeners a brief example of what it is like when one begins to Master the Upper Rooms. The best way to describe one’s journey is self-awareness and self-reflection. If you recall the story of the man who traveled the world with his wife, this is another story about this man. He was making a conscious effort daily to become one with the essence of LOVE. He was doing his best to embody the essence and presence of a loving human being until this happened. In the apartment lobby, a resident decided to set up a table with an assortment of free books. This man loved to read and thought this free book exchange was a brilliant idea.

Then a grumpy, little old lady stepped into the apartment lobby and voiced her grumpy, angry opinion. She hated the idea and wanted to throw all the books into the trash. She made such a fuss and wanted anyone and everyone in the apartment building to know she was angry. This man who was focused on being one with love, got derailed by this grumpy lady because, at the time, Kerie did not teach him how to raise someone from anger into neutrality. He never asked her either.

The valuable lesson this man learned is he could have accepted this grumpy old lady as being just plain grumpy. The keyword is accepted, which vibrates at 350. It was not his job to raise her consciousness, but because he allowed her to drag him down into anger as well by her loud and rude mannerisms, words, character, and behaviors, he got trapped within her angry little world. She drained this man of his joy and happiness within a matter of minutes.

He could have let her be and still stayed solid with his loving demeanor and mindset. There was the option for him to have spoken his truth with a smile on his face and declared he supported the free book idea, wished the grumpy old lady a wonderful day, and then walked away. He did not need to engage with her. Engaging with her was a trap because she enjoyed complaining. He did not consider this.

That is why she explained to him that being one with the essence and presence of Love can be challenging. Some people will get satisfaction out of ruining another person’s day. Satisfaction is above 200, but the means of achieving satisfaction is distorted and morally inappropriate. After that experience, the man decided moving forward in his life he would become more self-aware of other people, their motives, actions, and words. Because it did take him a few hours to clear his mind from that unpleasant experience. So, when he saw this grumpy old lady again, he just gave her a warm welcoming smile and kept walking. Life is about his happiness, not her. Therefore, he strived to become what he sought, instead of allowing another person to influence his day negatively. He did create a whole new uplifted world for himself and you might too.

In love and light,

Angela Myer

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