How to raise your vibration and change one’s mind

Several new-age doctors, therapists, mental health providers, meditation practitioners, spiritual advisors, and even the Gaia Channel discuss the importance of raising one’s vibration from 3D to 5D consciousness. It is the current buzzword – change your thoughts, change your reality. Yet, what are the steps? The concept and idea sounds great, but how does one do it? Today, I will discuss the steps I take with my clients to teach them how to raise their vibration from 3D to 5D. This technique I learned from channeling over ten years ago, which is quick and effective. This vibrational shift can happen within 20 minutes or less. So, let’s breakdown the steps in how to raise your vibration and change one’s mind.

How to raise your vibration and change one's mind

Before we begin, I want to discuss 3D consciousness vs 5D consciousness. Most people might not understand this concept, but eventually, more and more people will be able to comprehend it. 3D consciousness is when a person views things from a purely physical state. This state of mind 3D references is the same example in Master the Upper Rooms. Everything below 200 is 3D consciousness. This explains why some people have seen individuals who “mentally compare themselves” separate from others. Life feels like this person is stuck in “survival mode.” When you view the chart for Master the Upper Rooms, this person is chained within the negative habit patterns, characteristics, and behaviors below 200. This person is not living, just trying to exist.

So, when someone starts to Master the Upper Rooms, it significantly shifts from the limited perception of the 3D world from materialism and linear thinking into a higher state of consciousness and awareness. This higher state of awareness is multidimensional and is all about unity, love, and cooperation. Now, these dimensions are not actual places here on Earth. It is all about consciousness. So, we get to have a choice if we want to live a life in 3D, 4D, 5D, or a combination of all three. It all depends on what is trapped or stuck within one’s energy field and systems. Therefore, 3D consciousness keeps a person stuck in separation when their heart and soul long for a connection with another person in the 4D or 5D connected state of consciousness.

How to raise your vibration and change one's mind

5D consciousness is all about co-creating or manifesting. I know I will sound like a broken record, but the guides that speak to Paul Selig constantly speak about manifesting in the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is 5D consciousness. Therefore, 5D consciousness is a reality based on cooperation, compassion, and a deeper understanding of our spiritual essence and another person. We are One. When a person Masters the Upper Rooms, they are unlocking the potential to live a more harmonious (350) consciousness and enlightenment (700 to 1,000). So, let’s dive into changing a person’s consciousness from 3D to 5D.

So, first, I want to discuss the steps I take to support someone in raising their vibration and being able to change their mind. It first starts off with a conversation. This is the first step. I like to know what is troubling my clients. Is it money, school, raising a family, career, friends, manifesting, or life? This gives me a set point and a main focus. Based on their keywords and the description behind their story, I can determine what is stuck within their energy systems and fields at the 3D level. So, I will unpack a previous example I gave everyone in a previous blog post and podcast. The example I will give is love relationships.

If any of you can recall, I spoke of a delightful man who could instantly have love but was sabotaging himself. What kept him trapped and stuck was his perception and mindset around the “idea” of what a loving relationship should be from his perspective. I must stress that everyone has a different perspective based on their life experiences, childhood, community, social norms, standards, and dating history. We also need to include their expectations and partner requirements. And when I say requirements, I mean personal preferences in a potential partner. I have learned over time that expectations and requirements usually keep a person stuck and unhappy because people can become rigid, bitter, and tainted after one or numerous failed relationships.

How to raise your vibration and change one's mind

In the book Resurrection by Paul Selig, in Chapter One – Preparation, page 4, the guides discuss that we may learn in higher ways. This is true. The higher way is viewing something stuck in fear at the 3D level from a higher perspective, which is 5D. Therefore, wanting to find love, this man was stuck in fear. Fear that he might never fall in love again or find someone to love him in return. I know on page six, Paul questions if humans can reach a new level of consciousness, but it is possible. The good news is I am living proof of this possibility. I have used these tools on myself and clients, and they work.

Oddly enough, on page 8, the guides discussed that these teachings are about liberation, but one cannot find or experience liberation until one examines the chains. That is why I say a person must experience a revelation first. This revelation is like removing the blinders from one’s eyes. It’s like that Ah-Ha moment. Everything clicks into place, and the truth is revealed. Before, the truth was hidden behind the fears and doubts. Fear lives within the shadows and darkness. Fear’s level of human consciousness scores at 100. That is why when one is stuck in fear, it feels horrible. All the good feelings and thought processes are above the 200 range.

how to get unstuck in a bad relationship

So, before we begin, here is a breakdown of the steps because my end goal was to get him to align with either Love or Joy from the 5D level of consciousness. There is also an image of the chart within this blog post.

  • The setpoint is Fear at 100
  • 1st step is desire at 125
  • 2nd step is anger at 150
  • 3rd step is pride at 175
  • 4th step is courage at 200
  • 5th step is neutrality at 250
  • 6th step is optimism at 310
  • 7th step is acceptance at 350
  • 8th step is reasoning at 400
  • 9th step is love at 500 or
  • 10th step is joy at 540

I know it seems like ten steps is a lot to climb, but trust me, it works. It can be faster than one thinks or perceives. The key is to remember that you are the one leading the conversation. I know some people can be chatterboxes and get stuck or fixated, but your goal is to relieve them. Whatever you do, try to prevent the person from exhausting all their time during a session or conversation. When this happens, the person is just venting and not making any positive changes or shifting their perspective from dis-empowering to empowerment. Plus, this could be a habit pattern of theirs to avoid changing.

So, let’s begin. Therefore, this man’s set point around the subject of loving relationships was chained within fear at 100. To get him unchained, I had to recall the upper steps. The first step up is desire at 125. How can I shift his perspective into desiring a positive change in his mind? I knew he desired to find love, be loved, and eventually have a loving relationship with someone. So, I had him share what he desired in a relationship. I immediately noticed complaint after complaint, not about him as a person but about the women he was picking.

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The next step is anger at 150. I must say it is interesting because as he spoke, he unwillingly and without a conscious thought raised up into anger. He was frustrated and disappointed. All these human emotions and thought patterns live within this energetic vibrational frequency at 150. To raise one even higher, the next step is pride at 175. Pride can be challenging because some people are still chained to their egos.

Demanding another person change to meet their rigid requirements and insisting that it is someone else’s fault instead of going within. And I must say, pride can be a tricky dilemma. Prideful people do not like to go within because when someone truly examine’s one’s behaviors, shame can quickly pull them under. Shame (20) is the lowest human frequency level of consciousness. Nobody likes to feel shame, so for prideful people, denial is their get-out-of-jail card. So be warned.

how to find love again

When I notice someone is stuck in pride and their ego keeps them chained in fear, I try to find leverage. Leverage would be what your heart desires. The heart desire is completely different because one’s heart desires exist within the energetic frequency vibration of 500. Unconditional love lives at the energetic frequency of 500. Lustful desires exist at the energetic frequency vibration at 125. One is high, and one is low. These two polar opposite thought patterns really confuse people, so let me explain the differences.

There is nothing wrong with desiring another person. What matters most is the person’s mindset. Desire at 125 perceives someone as property, a possession, a person to conquer and control. There are no loving emotions, just lust. And don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with lust. What is wrong is the lustful desire to have someone when that person does not want to be used, enslaved, manipulated, or controlled. There is no free will. Authentic, genuine love needs time to grow. Ultimately, someone will get hurt without genuine love or connection. Sex with another person below 200 will feel empty, or the fake emotions of love will become exposed, which will hurt someone’s feelings.

how to shift your perspective

So remember, every thought pattern, emotion, and behavior below 200 keeps a person in separation. It is all about the self and survival. If one wants and desires a connected, loving relationship, one must change one’s perspective on love. One must become what one seeks in the presence and being. When someone does not become what they seek, the person they attract will fill an empty hole. This is not fair to either party. Eventually, those wounded parts, painful memories, childhood experiences, and negative relationship patterns will bubble to the surface. That’s why everyone should go within to heal themselves, so one can attract what their heart truly desires – which is unconditional love.

Therefore, we started discussing how he desired a connected, loving relationship. This form of just talking is a tool for going within to examine what is keeping them chained in fear of attracting the same old experience. This is the key. The idea, concept, or expectation of attracting the same old experience is what is stuck within a person’s energy systems and energy field. So, energetically, this person would keep attracting the same old experience because their perspective has not risen above 200. Does this make sense?

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Blame does not solve any problems, and blame is an energetic thought pattern that vibrates at level 30. So, let’s move on. For this man to change his mind, I had to shift his perspective from pride to courage. Courage vibrates at 200. I wanted him to have the courage to view these women differently because he was falling down into blame at the energetic level of 30. So, I asked him if another person had unconditionally loved him. This is when I learned about his mom. It was like bingo. His mom was the only woman that ever gave him unconditional love. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Let me explain.

It is good because he knows the feeling of being loved unconditionally. He knows how a person acts, behaves, speaks, and treats others. His mom was the presence and being of LOVE. The bad thing is this can create unrealistic expectations and pressure upon someone who has never experienced or been taught how to love someone unconditionally. This explains WHY his first wife was narcissistic.

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A narcissistic person is masterful at love bombing. It is all fake love to trap a person they lust after. Once the person is chained to them, the devaluing stage occurs, when hearts on both ends get broken. The narcissist wants to be loved unconditionally, and so does this man. Yet, it was never going to happen. Unconditional love does not exist below the human thought patterns below 200. And because this man was much older, narcissism was never taught or discussed when he was growing up. Therefore, he remained in the dark year after year. Building more resentment, anger, and disappointment toward finding someone to love him again unconditionally.

And let’s be really transparent here. When a person experiences love bombing, it can become intoxicating. It is like a drug because it feels amazing. Since it felt amazing, what this man was trying to do was love bomb all these other women. This was a learned behavior from his ex-wife. He liked how love bombing felt and made him feel, so he just “thought,” and thought is the keyword, to do the same thing to these women. Yet, these women are smart. This poor man was clueless and in the dark. He did not know what he was doing was pushing these good women away. Because I am pretty sure these women know the narcissistic signs of love bombing. This is why they avoided sex at the beginning of the relationship. They wanted a deeper connection, not a superficial, fake relationship with a male partner.

how to raise your vibration

Therefore, my leverage was unconditional love and what I realized is he never learned how to love someone back unconditionally. This was his main issue, and it kept him chained. I needed to get him to be willing to learn how to love someone back unconditionally because his current style of love was 100% conditional. So, this is how I presented it, which did raise him up to a higher frequency of human consciousness.

I had him think of these lovely women he met. I did my best to show him how it might be perceived from their perspective. How these women might think, behave, respond, and act. At times, I used myself as an example to show a like-minded perspective above 200. And when I say like-minded, I mean a person who is permitting and feasible. Someone who is permitting and feasible is easygoing and vibrates at the energetic level of 200. This person is not demanding or has high expectations. When I gave him this example, he got it. These women were permitting and feasible, yet he was not.

how to raise your vibration

The next step was to shift his perspective to 250. I needed him to be willing, hopeful, and optimistic about these women. So, again, I used me as an example. I talked about free will and how unconditional love is all about free will. We have all heard the saying that when you love someone unconditionally, there will be times one will have to set them free, and if love really existed between the two people, love would come back in the end.

To my surprise, he could grasp this concept because he realized that he was not allowing these women to be free. His rigid mindset did not allow freedom. This was a revelation for him. And the truth is, these women’s wild and free spirit delighted him. He was attracted to spiritual, free-spirited women. The problem is that one cannot put these types of women in a cage, and these women sense it. Therefore, they pushed him away. This concept he really got, but without shame or blame. I was able to keep him at the human consciousness level of 310.

how to raise your vibration

My next step was to discuss forgiveness towards himself, his ex-wife, and these women. Forgiveness, acceptance, mercy, and transcendence all vibrate energetically at 350 levels. I spoke of his mother again, telling him he was so lucky to experience unconditional love. Most people have never been so lucky and wish they had that opportunity. He understood this fact and truth. I wanted him to forgive these women for rejecting him because now he understood the errors of his ways, not theirs. Because he could experience unconditional love now when he could unconditionally love himself and others.

Plus, I wanted him to understand why his wife became narcissistic, and once that idea clicked within his consciousness, he did have compassion for her. It was not his ex-wife’s fault that her childhood and parenting style made her who she is today. I said, “Have mercy for her and count your blessings you are not her. You were raised in a good home with loving parents. You were blessed, and she was not. Therefore, she never truly knew how to love or be loved. It was just an idea and never a reality for her growing up.” This concept was another Ah-Ha moment for this man, which loosened and unraveled the angry ropes wrapped around his wounded heart.

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Since my goal was to align him with the human consciousness frequency of love at 500, I started to give him suggestions to see if he tried any of these ideas. I first suggested just being friends with these women because his initial mindset was indirectly coming from a perspective of lustful surrender and not free will. As I gave suggestion after suggestion, he started to warm up. For example, have you cooked with these women, watched a movie together, walked on the beach and watched the sunset, or helped them around the house? All these activities are friendship-based. He never thought of trying to be friends first. His main desire, like some men, was to get these women into bed, hoping that sex would connect them first. Yet, women are wired differently. Women enjoy romance, random acts of kindness, and doing activities together.

And let’s be transparent here. As we age, sex does become less important. Beauty fades, bodies change, and friendship becomes the main factor in any relationship. Everyone wants to be married or in a relationship with a person who is their best friend. That is why I gave him friendship suggestions. I wanted to bring him closer to these women in a manner that would not make them push him away but welcome him into their lives. When someone is just focused on sex and not friendship, the other person can energetically sense it. It is like one’s Spiderman senses: a little humor here, but it is true.

What is the difference between 3D vs 5D

As I saw the wheels spinning in his mind, I could clearly see the shift in his demeanor, tone of voice, and presence. He was aligning with the vibrational thought patterns of Love at 400 and even Joy at 540. He became excited at the possibility because there was one woman he truly had affection for. Not lustful thoughts or feelings, but pure. The magic lives here because genuine love and joy mean more to the heart and soul.

So, I went on to give him more suggestions and ideas. I had to do this because of his previous history. He was married for the majority of his life. His life experiences around the subject of unconditional love were horrible. I felt sorry for this man because he deserves happiness and love. This is when I showed him the chart I created. When he saw the chart, he lit up with joy. He became so eager to learn this technique for himself because he just experienced hands on how effective it shifted his rigid mindset from 3D to 5D and into a state of joy and happiness. And the kicker is, he did not come to see me for this issue. It was a completely different subject. I just trusted my intuition and went for it.

3D vs 5D

Now, is this man cured or fixed? The answer is no. He was not broken, just confused and stuck in how he views or perceives a romantic relationship. I gave him homework; the rest is up to him. The next step this man needed to do was to practice daily to raise his vibration and shift his perspective to a higher frequency around various subjects that he consciously became aware of that caused him distress, anger, or fear. This step is so important. He must raise his vibration daily by avoiding thoughts or behaviors that would drag him down into anger, frustration, blame, guilt, or fear. If he does not, he will keep repeating the same old cycle, staying stuck in the 3D consciousness and reality.

Gratitude is the best tool I have found to support someone in raising their energetic vibration. I told him to be thankful that he has met some amazing spiritual, like-minded women. Spend time with these women and start off as friends. Just be patient and see what happens. So, I suggested he start at baseline, which is neutrality at 200. Be easy-going, trusting, flexible, and fun. Remember to be permitting and feasible when things don’t go your way.

Life is too short to sweat over the small stuff. Then, when things get a little crazy, or one has a disagreement, remember to be optimistic, hopeful, forgiving, and harmonious. Nobody is perfect. All those emotions and thought patterns listed are above 200. That is why self-awareness is important. Getting stuck in disappointment, disapproval, blame, or grief is too easy. That’s the low road below 200. Remember to take the high road if you want to transform your life.

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If you can recall, I did a blog post about the friendship pyramid. The issue this man faced was that his narcissistic ex-wife taught him bad behavior. He wanted to go from being friendly, which is at the bottom of the pyramid, to becoming close friends or best friends within a short period of time. One has to stop and question one’s motives and intentions. I know his intentions were honorable, but this bad habit of love bombing a person can send off the wrong signals. Sex should never be the main focus if one truly wants a connected, unconditional, loving relationship. It actually is a big turn-off, in my opinion. Because when sex is rushed, it can backfire, which in turn can ruin any future opportunities to connect or remain friends. Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to sex, and that is why communication is key!

I know romance is not dead. We do live in a fast-paced world, but when it comes to forming a strong, lasting, loving relationship, one must take their time. It is not a race. Yes, age can be a factor as we age, but people should still stop and smell the roses. And since this man is retired, he has much free time to enjoy each moment he spends with these various women. Then, he can decide which one is the right match for him.

3D vs 5D consciousness

I hope everyone has enjoyed this information. This will be my last blog post for a while. I might come back from time to time. Just know that I appreciate everyone, even though I have never met you. I do hope you can try this technique on yourself or someone you care about. It does take practice and the chart will be free on my new website. If you have signed up for my newsletter, I will notify you when everything is up and running.

My intention and goal is to teach everyone how to Master the Upper Rooms around various subjects to support everyone in shifting their consciousness from 3D to 5D. If anyone has any suggestions or requests for content, please email me. I would be delighted to teach how to approach various topics that can keep a person stuck in the lower vibrational thought patterns and behaviors. I am only here to support humanity. So, thank you for listening to or reading this post about how to raise your vibration and change one’s mind!

In love and light,

Angela Myer

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