How to Become Innocent Again – The Book of Innocence

In the blog post about Tobias devoted destiny for the world, I discuss various books that I was shown by our Creator and the purpose behind each book to assist in the ascension process. Your book or journal is the catalyst for change for future generations. Why? Humanity is evolving, and the old ways of thinking, acting, and behaving as the small self will eventually end. To avoid history repeating itself, humans need to share their stories of bravery, growth, self-awareness, and discovery, as well as the steps they took to achieve ultimate freedom. Humans are storytellers. Your journal is a road map for becoming innocent again and it will detail what exact steps you took to become innocent again before entering the Kingdom of Heaven and becoming complete in our Creator’s eyes.

As she shared in the blog about Tobias, she can now decode various sacred scriptures and the teachings within Paul Selig’s channeling books. For example, The Book of Innocence was written by Paul Selig. If you have read that book or listened to it in audio format, you can comprehend how Master the Upper Rooms and the teachings from the guides line up. She has said repeatedly the key has always been to lift or to rise in frequency to a level where fear no longer can establish itself past the human consciousness patterns of 200. The guides also discuss the Upper Room as a higher template and what was once known can be re-known from a higher perspective.

Known from a Higher Perspective

So, what does it mean to be known from a higher perspective? We will use her as an example and she has permitted us to share her truth. When she returned home after 40 days and 40 nights, she was a mess. Her whole world crashed before her eyes and she was very upset at how people stuck in the lower vibrational thought patterns influenced her decision-making process as well as her husband’s. Humans are wired to survive and all the human consciousness thought patterns, characteristics, and behaviors that exist below 200 have kept your species alive. Below 200 is all about separation and the self. Self-preservation, we say. Everything above 200 is about connection and oneness.

Yes, she still loved her husband despite what happened, yet her heart was broken. Her heart was calling her back home to the frequency and human consciousness level that aligned with love and reverence – the deep respect for herself and her husband. She knew that she needed to experience a revelation – a previously unknown fact or truth for her to free her mind from the painful experience.

So, she centered her focus on her heart and grabbed a hold of each gift and tool on the staircase from 175 to 600. She was tired of residing and existing in a place of fear. The fear only created pain within her heart, mind, and soul. The first tool she grabbed onto was pride (175). Pride in a manner that helped her lift into courage. Because there was a part of her that wanted to stay angry at 150. Angry at how people stuck in the lower vibrational thought patterns distorted the truth and tried to create more fear, blame, and grief. All the ‘what if’ horror story examples never happened, but seeds were planted and those plants turned into negative weeds.

Once she aligned with the courage to stand her ground and speak her truth, she had to next align with trust, neutrality, and release. Trusting that she could do it, regardless of what others thought or said about her. Because people still had their opinions about her because none of them knew the whole story or truth behind what happened to her. So, she made peace with the messed up situation. Reminding herself that it was only temporary and that she needed to be gentle and patient with herself.

The next step she took was to set her intention. She intended to align with the vibration of LOVE again, to forgive everyone involved, including herself and the Creator, as well as to hold onto hope that relief was around the corner. For her to find forgiveness, she had to view this memory of becoming homeless and everyone who was involved. She had to explore various thought patterns and ideas to become unstuck.

For when we say, explore everyone who was involved, she discovered from God that there was a greater reason why God intended her to be away from her home and husband for forty days and forty nights. The purpose was for her to bear witness to the corruption within various systems and organizations that are designed to protect, educate, service, and provide aid to people who find themselves in an unfortunate situation.

Such as becoming homeless. What she experienced and witnessed made her shake her head in disgust. So many empty promises and not enough resources. Honorable people pretending to be protectors and truth-tellers, when she saw through the false noble robes wrapped in lies and deceit. This was God’s plan and intention. She needed this time away to bear witness to the truth within her community and country. If she stayed home, she would have never had this awakening to reality. She had to get outside her comfort zone bubble to see the truth.

And when she saw the truth and questioned why, God spoke to her. Telling her that all of this can and will change. Then God showed her how in time, all of this would change, but it would not be an easy transition. People will play games and will cling to what is safe and familiar, even if it keeps destroying lives and the planet. She does not like to talk about this subject, but we want her to share one glimmer of hope. We have shown her how homelessness can and will end within the United States. One must go to the root of the problem by providing rehabilitation. Discover why so many people are becoming homeless. The why is your answer. Going Within Therapy, self-reflection, and rehabilitation are the only solutions, along with community and government support and resources.

Back to her going within to discover knowing from a higher template. When one goes within, it is like one is walking up to the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. Both provide wisdom and that wisdom when one opens their heart, can weave its way inside. Illuminating what is stuck within the shadows below the roots.

For example, her husband would not accept responsibility for his actions. He was stuck in pride and prideful people do not want to feel or appear guilty (30) or humiliated (20). So, denial became the get-out-of-jail card. This is a perfect example of knowing something from a higher perspective. She examined the truth and understood why her husband did not share the whole truth with his friends and family members. In her examination of knowing the truth from a broader perspective, she vowed to leave anger, hatred, blame, and prideful indifference on the bottom steps. Those tools are destructive and only cause more pain and suffering.

So, from a place of reasoning at 400, she could put herself in his shoes. Discovering compassion for herself and her husband. She could comprehend why her husband did what he did and why the people involved responded and reacted in a manner that did not strengthen their marriage, but weakened it. And yes, she could have clung to blame or shame, but again she would stay stuck in pain and no positive solutions arise out of blame or shame. She had to keep climbing up the staircase. Using each tool in the steps to bring about more clarity, wisdom, compassion, and truth.

And the truth is like most humans, he did not want to feel shame, guilt, or despair. Yet he did every day because he knew the truth of what he did and didn’t do. His heart was calling him to up into forgiveness. To forgive his wife whom he still loved. Forgiving his friends and family for filling his head with scary ‘what if’ scenarios because in his heart, he truly knew her, knew she was the kindest, sweetest, most compassionate person he had ever met. That is why he said to her that he had never felt such pain and heartache in his entire life. The one he loved and cherished fell from grace and he was partly responsible for what happened and how he handled the situation.

Now, she was ready to release the painful memory. She accepted the truth and even when the truth hurt her wounded heart. Because the truth is, she married a man who had not Mastered the Upper Rooms. He lives around the vibration of 250 to 310 and she lives within 500 to 1,000. Again, this truth was challenging to digest, but this information was unknown to her at the time.

Therefore, she did not want this painful memory to stay trapped within her heart and energy field. This painful memory if not released would prevent her from returning to the loving, open-hearted person she once was. Holding onto the attachment would only cause her pain and suffering day after day. She did not want to be bitter and resentful.

The steps she needed to take were to first endure the pain by examining all aspects and parties involved, including her part. The next step was to release the attachment to the painful memory by calling upon the Creator, Divine Love, and handing this burden over to a higher power. Once completely released from a humble, pure, open heart, this final step would allow the Creator to bestow upon her the resurrection she needed to align to the higher template of Peace at 600. Becoming complete again in the eyes of God.

Because she knows how the small wounded mind tried to influence her God-like consciousness. At the beginning of Season Three, she speaks of the evil mind and how it whispers destructive advice when one falls from grace. Again, she had a choice. A choice of which voice to listen to and which voice to ignore or silence. The more she ignored the destructive voice, the easier it got. It had no power over her, yet it tried. Can you relate to this story?

The key to all of these steps is patience, compassion, and a willingness to discover the truth behind something that one perceives to know all the details when in fact most humans do not know all the details without a closer, patient, slow examination. Examine all the layers, structures, and elements within one’s pain and suffering. This step is often overlooked because humans crave immediate relief. Therefore, when one approaches the Creator requesting relief, one must be complete and ready for the next step.

Meaning, think of a teenager wanting to get their driver’s license. Many complain about having to take the written test because they are required by law to pass the test. Without reading and processing the entire manual into one’s consciousness, the student will fail. If the student does not comprehend or understand all the safety rules and regulations, the student can end up in an accident.

One cannot force this process, therefore one cannot force the Creator to grant one resurrection without bringing the lessons this painful memory contains within its energetic structure. It is like a thorn in your side, stuck in one’s energy field. The thorn was placed there for a reason. To teach her this valuable lesson, which we asked her to share with the world.

Jesus and the steps to achieve Redemption

We want to make sure everyone can comprehend this concept because today we are going to give you the exact steps and tools to become innocent again. She wants to speak. So, let me give you an example of what the guides mean within Paul’s book. If one can recall the image of Jesus on the cross, these are the steps he took to achieve redemption from our Creator. In the first step, he endured the pain. He did not ignore it, try to stuff it down, or avoid it. Jesus faced it head-on. He grabbed hold of courage at 200. Still holding onto that pain, he trusted (250) that our Creator would listen to him. Then the next step is to release the pain at a higher template ranging from the human consciousness levels of 400 to 1,000.

So, in this higher template, Jesus brought up all the memories associated with this pain and set his intention (310). He focused on his heart, the Christ Spark, and aligned with the Christ Consciousness. With compassion, mercy, forgiveness, love, and understanding, Jesus opened up his heart. He knew in his heart the ones that feared him could not comprehend the teachings. Fear was their teacher and he could not get past the evil, fearful mindsets.

He then humbly prayed for the release of the mental and emotional pain and to be resurrected in a higher template. He did not want this pain to be tied to him for an eternity. Jesus wanted to rectify what was necessary that he experienced in the lower template or field. He wanted to be delivered from it, not to carry this burden with him into another lifetime.

Jesus seeks redemption because part of it was his fault. So, he came to the realization (400) that he had to accept these smaller fearful minds as they were. They could not comprehend a better way of living, acting, and behaving. Fear (100) overrides trust (250) and faith (310). He could not lift them up into a higher frequency thought pattern no matter how gently or compassionately he tried. And like most humans, he would not lower himself down to blame (30) or shame (20).

So he accepted responsibility that he tried and failed. That is a massive burden for one to carry. Therefore, the burden needed to be released and handed over to God. Because Jesus was running out of time. His vessel was wounded and he was dying. He did not want his life on Earth to be written as if it was a mistake. The only solution in his Christ Spark heart, Godlike mind, and Divine Self was redemption in the eyes of God.

This is what we are calling humanity to do for themselves and one another. To dive deep within one’s mind, soul, heart, and spirit. We did guide her to pick up Paul’s book, The Book of Innocence, and read Chapter Five, Beyond Sin. When she read the chapter, it spoke to her. We spoke to her. We asked her to explain what it is like to be in your knowing. She understood that one must trust the Divine Self because it is everyone’s divine right.

She is thinking and questioning. “Does everyone know their Divine Self or believe it?”, she asks. We say, no. Only the ones that have gone within and have been able to connect to their Divine Self know this inherent truth. For others, it is simply a mystery or a dream. Yet, we can explain it in a manner that some might be able to comprehend.

When humans are on a spiritual quest or high, through the use of meditation, collective group, or substances; a person’s heart becomes full of wonder like an innocent child. The heart opens and the Divine Self that resides within the heart emerges. Like a flame being ignited, love, joy, and peace in this exact moment are activated and the individual is one with their Divine Self and all that is. It is like a magical bubble surrounds this person. The energy frequency has risen to an octave that mesmerizes and delights one’s senses. Everything is alive and thriving. It is magical.

Yet, many do not take the time to stop and go within. Life is too busy or important, when in fact, this is exactly what the Creator is calling every human on Earth to do at this present time. This is the requirement for change. Altering your life’s patterns from the small fearful destructive self into the Godlike Divine Self.

The Book of Innocence

We had her look at page 191, second paragraph. She comprehends the teaching because many people do have this deep knowing within them, yet choose to ignore the truth because they desire the safety of the known and believe this is how it should be or must be when we say fear is not your friend, but your capture. Therefore, one lives in limitation and this is not the agreement humans made with their Divine Self and the Creator.

We just had her turn a few pages and had her land on page 198, at the bottom of paragraph three. She saw her note, “Jesus said, to claim your firmament in the Upper Room is to claim your birthright. And from here, in innocence, you will begin to explore.” We guided her to look up the word firmament in the Bible. Firmament is the vast solid dome created by God during the Genesis creation narrative to divide the primal sea into upper and lower portions so that the dry land could appear. What does God mean when he says firmament? “It is the vault of Heaven. She asks, “So, we are supposed to become Heavenly beings on Earth?” and we say, “Yes”. That is what God intended for his children before the Fall.

She is getting tired and we gave her one more request. Turn to page 199, second to last paragraph. She saw her note from us, “Amen, that’s redemption Oh Lord.” Here is the passage, “A bad act may have occurred, a fearful choice may have been claimed, but if you move to the Upper Room you will be given an opportunity to rectify what was necessary that was incurred in the lower field, and then delivered from it.” This is redemption.

So, when we say, “Word I am Word”, what we have one say is I am the Christ Within, yet most humans feel uncomfortable or unworthy saying the Christ Within, but the Word is the word of the Christ Within, your True Self. Because when one uses these phrases and words, one is awakening, activating, and aligning with the Christ Consciousness within oneself. They are becoming one with their True Self and the Godlike consciousness that surrounds and enfolds within everything within this Universe. This is one’s true place of empowerment and life force.

She now wants to share some information. We have been guiding her to get a little technical and scientific about the human energy field and systems. She will not do it all today, but she wants to give the listeners an example of what she has been shown and what she has heard. We guided her to find an image online that visually explains how the energy systems, the chakras, work in conjunction with the human energy field. Imagine a bubble surrounding you. Each energy system or chakra stores information and keeps it stored there until a person is ready to discover their authentic True Self. She wants to give an example.

The second level of one’s energy field pertains to one’s emotions. The feelings about ourselves. For many humans, this area is blocked, congested, or stagnant because to clear this one pocket of emotional energy within the second level, one must obtain unconditional love for the self. Healing will not happen until this is complete. For it is easier to unconditionally love another human being and that is why overcoming and silencing the evil mind is part of the evolution of humanity in the ascension process.

For example, a lover can worship, love, and adore their partner’s fat rolls or dimples on their bottom. She is blushing, but she knows this is true. Yet, the one who wears those extra rolls of fat can feel shame and disapproval. Therefore, will disregard or dismiss the flattering words of loving one’s unique body. The lover’s only intention is to lift and shift one’s perspective to a higher template. Aligning with the thought patterns and frequency of unconditional love. Does this make sense, we ask?

So, to become innocent again in the eyes of our Creator, one must explore every pocket and corner within one energy field and all the seven energy systems/chakras. To bring up those painful memories and be willing to release one’s attachments that held oneself hostage within the lower frequency thought patterns and behaviors. Getting to the root of the original sin that holds and held everyone captive within the fear-based mindset after the Fall from Grace.

This is why we communicate with her. She realizes Paul’s guides are speaking to her. She does not feel comfortable with what we want her to type because she respects Paul and the gift he brings with his channeling work. Paul still struggles with the teachings and she does not. What she struggles with is why me thinking. Am I worthy enough for this massive task and responsibility? That is why we ask her to shine her light upon various areas and aspects Paul keeps questioning us within the teachings. They are both here to serve a higher purpose and calling. And there are many more awakenings to this truth and inner calling.

For it is time, we say. The collective consciousness and the Creator are ready for a whole new world. The light will prevail and all darkness will be eliminated on the face of your planet. The chaos one witnesses within your world is proof enough of this fact. Her country is divided, even though people are afraid to speak this truth. Yet great chaos can generate a massive change and shift as humanity stands upon this crossroad of transfiguration.

We just had her look up the word transfiguration. “The word ‘transfiguration’ means a change of form or appearance. In this passage Jesus’ appearance changes so a glimpse is given of his full heavenly glory. “His face shone like the sun and his clothes became as white as the light”. She knows what this means and how it aligns with the last days within the Bible. “There is nothing to fear”, she says. “It will be a time of joy and celebration, not destruction.”

We have explained to her the meaning and symbol behind the Bible passage, “The sun will go black the stars will fall.” We have guided her to share this truth at a later date. She is hungry and needs to stop. She shared our wisdom with her friend who brought her the book God spoke of to her. He was surprised because our teachings aligned with the wisdom he discovered from reading various spiritual religious texts. How is this possible some may say, yet it is. It is time and that is why we are communicating with her to educate the masses.

The only way this will happen is if humans make the conscious choice to go within. Follow the steps to lift themselves into the upper room and align with the frequency of unconditional love at 500. To care enough about oneself, humanity, and the future of this planet. Because Mother Earth is responding and reacting to the chaotic tension by creating more and more natural disasters and chaos. Forcing humans to listen to her cries for help. Because Mother Earth desires what all humans desire. To thrive, live, and bloom and blossom with joy, love, wonder, and pure enlightenment. To be in the knowing that one is truly home within and without.

In love and light,

Angela Myer


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