Communication tools for men

In this interview with Jem Fuller, we discuss communication tools for men. He is the award winning author of the book, “The Art of Conscious Communication for Thoughtful Men”.

communication tools for men

In this interview we discuss…

  1. Why is it important to foster healthy relationships?
  2. Why is more conscious communication so important?
  3. Do affirmations really work?
  4. What would you like me to ask you during the interview?
  5. What was a defining moment or time in your life?
  6. What healthy habits have you formed?
  7. Why do you think mindfulness is so important?
  8. What is a conscious relationship?
  9. Why do a lot of men struggle with communication?
  10. How can we be better raising the next generation?
  11. How is your book helping people?
communication tools for men

Jem Fuller Background and Services:

Jem is from Australia. He offers the following services:

Corporate Programs
Free Webinars
Online Courses
Speaking Engagements

communication tools for men

FREE e-Book download, “Live an easier life”.
Watch Jem’s TEDx talk here

communication tools for men

You can find Jem Fuller at the following social media links.
Twitter: https://www.twitter/JemFuller

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