February 13, 2023

The number one reason why a victim stays in an abusive relationship is because of money. In this interview with John Peace, Co-Owner of Safe Haven Services (Private Digital Security Box Rentals), we talk about toxic relationships financial abuse and how to break free from narcissistic abuse. Learn how to protect yourself and your family members…

January 31, 2023

In this interview with life coach Kara Regas, we talk about people pleasing behaviors and perfectionism. We also discuss how some people can be stuck in people pleasing and how it can impact one’s life. Bio: I help folks struggling with people-pleasing and perfectionistic tendencies to rewire the mental habits keeping them stuck in a…

January 20, 2023

There are many hidden trauma triggers and signs. Today I want to help everyone learn how to spot trauma triggers within themselves or another person. I will also give you a few examples of trauma triggers that maybe most people are unaware of. So, let’s unpack this subject by first learning to recognize the signs….

January 10, 2023

Many people wonder, is it considered mutual abuse when a victim hits back? Today, I will unpack reactive abuse vs mutual abuse from the physical and verbal perspective. First, I must say that reactive abuse vs mutual abuse was not addressed or brought into the public eye until the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trials….


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