Bullying and Mental Health

Bullying and mental health concerns are troubling our youth these days. Research suggests that around 20% of students ages 12 to 18 within the United States experience bullying, but schools aren’t the only place where it happens. Bullying can take place online, in the workplace, or even at home. So how does bullying affect mental health and what can be done to prevent it? In this interview with Suzanne Jean, the Director of Fit4Defense Consulting Ltd., we discuss how bullying and mental health impact children around the globe.

bullying and mental health

About Suzanne:

Suzanne Jean Created a unique program that empowers participants by combining concepts of self study, communication and self defense.
Over 50 years in social services
Member of Canadian Professional Speakers Association and Suzanne has empowered thousands of children, youth and seniors to stand strong, communicate their rights and stay safe.

A propend of mastering yourself is true power!

bullying and mental health

Questions covered within the Podcast Interview with Suzanne:

  1. “What is PowerED? Why did you call the program this? Tell me about the four pillars of the program-attention, awareness, avoidance and action.”
  2. How do you define bullying and why kids bully?
  3. How prevalent is bullying in BC School and how you can get a program going in my school?
  4. Can you briefly tell us what your book is about and why you think the book was important to write?
  5. How can I get a copy of your book?
  6. Why would you teach self defense to a bully, won’t they use it to hurt someone?
bullying and mental health

Suzanne Jean’s Biography:

Suzanne is the Director of Fit4Defense Consulting Ltd. operating a unique anti-bullying program called PowerED. This is a holistic life program that inspires confidence in participants to be heard, safe in the community and free from abuse through assertive communication, self defense and awareness exercises. Suzanne has over fifty years of experience in the design, implementation and accreditation of community based programs in the social service field. She possesses lifelong experience as a martial artist with a black belt in karate and an advanced tai chi practitioner. Suzanne is a recently  published author of “Bullying Stops Here-Steps to Safety, Strength, Confidence and Empowerment.

bullying and mental health

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bullying and mental health

I hope you have enjoyed this interview on bullying and mental health. Enjoy!

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